Pocketful of Miracles

Ever been caught short of change and you know the meter maid/meter man is around the corner?

That’s how I felt on Monday, when pennies (instead of the requisite nickels, dimes and quarters) were in my wallet outside the Alameda County Building on West Winton Avenue in Hayward. With no cashier available inside to change dollar bills into smaller bits of change, county employees Yolanda Robles and Keauna Kelley came to the rescue.

“I’ve gotten tickets before,” Kelley said of the hungry parking meters. “It used to be $25 (per ticket). Now, it’s $35.” Kelley called around to see who in the Community Development Agency had change, while Robles went down the hall to her office and came back with four quarters, which she traded for my dollar bill.

“Be sure to put it in the paper,” Kelley teased. “People always say bad things about county workers. This is a good thing.”

‘Nuff said.