Survey says…

The city of San Leandro just this week released the results from a survey conducted to gauge how many voters would potentially support a bond measure to pay for dredging and maintaining the San Leandro Marina yacht harbor.marina-survey-image111.png

The results were not surprising: San Leandro residents would not support a bond measure for the marina, the survey concluded.

What was surprising (or not, depending on how you look at it) about the survey were residents’ responses to what they felt were the city’s true priorities.

Ironically, the potential closure of the harbor was of the least importance.marina-survey-image23.png

It seems the survey didn’t provide the city with any solutions for saving the 45-year-old boat harbor. Meanwhile, officials have been working on other plans to develop the shoreline recreation area, if the city decides it can no longer dredge.

Now that the survey is done, what else do you think the city should be doing?


  • craig

    Wouldn’t it be great if a rising tide could build housing for low and middle class residents at the Marina.We could do a Manhatanization project like Oakland. Offer affordable condos for young and empty nester teachers , firefighters and police as well as to low wage city employees.These people serve the city, we help them with housing and our taxes might be lower because their cost of living is lowered.
    Build a community health center that helps people with exercise routines. An estimate of how many people now use the Martina for walking would be interesting information.Hundreds maybe over a thousand per week.Targeting residents with robo calls and emails encouraging people with weight and health problems to walk the beautiful Marina.
    Union City has a great pool/ recreation area which if used as a model,could draw hundreds of families every weekend to the area.
    With the current activity there now, the golf course and people who walk there ,add a health center, condos and a community pool, retail stores and eateries would be able to turn a profit there as well.
    A rising tide can lift a whole community not just a few yatchs.