Stonebrae gets golf mag acclaim

The latest edition of Travel & Leisure Golf magazine named Hayward’s own Stonebrae Country Club as one of the 10 best new golf courses of 2007.

Golf writer Scott Gummer, who has been following Stonebrae designer David McKlay Kidd’s work in Scotland, describes the Hayward project this way:

Kidd courses tend to reward shots that are well-played rather than simply well-struck. Stonebrae’s par-four fifth is a perfect example: Slightly longer than three hundred yards, it is drivable yet dicey. Mountains were moved at this private club, but Kidd deftly covered his tracks, and the result is a course that appears to have been merely nipped and tucked into the rolling hillside.

So who’s been up there golfing in the Hayward hills? So far, two City Council members, Bill Quirk and Bill Ward, have signed up to be Stonebrae members, which has caused them and City Manager Greg Jones, a newly settled Stonebrae resident, to excuse themselves whenever Stonebrae comes up on the council agenda.