Memorial Park: Is it safe?

Memorial Park is a pretty, leafy place with a lot of history. It can also be a “skeevy” place, according to one local resident’s recent review on Yelp.

Today, police say a woman walking her dog through the park was raped. Police scoured the area for hours and, as of this writing, were still on the lookout for a suspect.

Do you utilize or avoid Memorial Park? Let us know about any good or bad experiences you’ve had there.

  • puokgirl

    I used to walk that trail every Friday with a friend. It’s beautiful and challenging… but I sure as heck wouldn’t go there by myself! Too many creepy people hang out there.

    I remember this one time we stopped to use the restroom. There was a woman in there screaming “Go away! I’m busy!” repeatedly. Another time a strange man would giggle every time someone would walk past him. These kinds of things are the norm over there.

  • cwbyht

    I use the hiking trail at Memorial park. It is the only place in Hayward where I can feel like I’m out in the country, and totally get away from people.
    But for that reason, a woman should never go down that trail alone. Should she run into trouble, there is absolutely no one around to help.
    For the record, the recent attack happened in All Saints Cemetery above the park. The cemetery, and the area around the plunge, have become a hangout for homeless, who frequent the picnic tables and drink.
    It used to not be so bad, but since the Hayward Police started chasing them out of the library plaza, they have moved, to the park.

  • monica ruiz

    What kind of freedom does a woman have if she can’t even walk alone without the fear of being attacked?

  • atrob

    Until we get rid of the transients that the Hayward government continues ignore this problem will only get worse. Did you know that the person who provide free meals to the homeless population in front of the library actually lives in Castro Valley? Hmm,
    I wonder why she doesn’t feed the homeless in her community? Did you know the Green Shutter Hotel, houses transients who rent rooms by the hour to “ conduct their business”? All of this has been brought to the city council and they’ve done nothing
    but collect their checks.

    Cities like Antioch and Berkeley have decided to protect their residents by no longer allowing homeless people to hangout on the streets of their cities. They realize it’s unsafe to the tax payers of their communities. Get a clue Hayward. I had high hopes that
    this city was going to clean up its act but I’m fed up and as soon as the market bounces back I’m moving to a community that cares about its residents.

  • Kim Santos

    Did you check out our Aug. 22 story and audio slideshow on Green Shutter Hotel?

  • cwbyht

    Quote-Cities like Antioch and Berkeley have decided to protect their residents by no longer allowing homeless people to hangout on the streets of their cities. Endquote

    This is a slippery slope. Most loitering and vagrancy laws have been overruled by the courts. But the police could enforce public drinking, and overnight camping laws. They do it in the library plaza. Now they need to patrol memorial park. I have run across at least 20 sleeping bags, tents, and homeless encampments on the trails. They need to go back there and retake the park.