Want to be on the Hayward City Council?

Tomorrow, the council will officially call for a municipal election on June 3 for five of its seven seats. Of those five seats, four are for 4-year terms and one is for a 2-year term.

Here’s the election calendar:

The first day for issuing nomination papers begins on Monday, February 11, and will end at 5 p.m., Friday, March 7. If an incumbent decides not to seek re-election, the period extends to Wednesday, March 12. The ballot placement listing will be determined by the Secretary of State on March 13.

This year, it will cost candidates about $1,300 if they want to submit a 200-word candidate statement to appear in a voter pamphlet in English, Spanish and Chinese. The voluntary expenditure limit for each Hayward council candidate will be about $54,000 — the exact amount will be decided by February 11. And the amount that each person or organization can contribute to a council candidate will be $1,061.

Whoever is elected on June 3 will take office on July 8.