Edwards wins local straw poll

For what it’s worth, 56 members of the Hayward Demos Democratic Club gathered in South Hayward last Friday night and cast their top three picks for the next president.

Demos member Harry Scott e-mails:

Candidates were given 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, & 1 point for 3rd. The results for the six candidates still in the race were as follows:

1st – John Edwards
2nd – Dennis Kucinich
3rd – Barack Obama
4th – Hilary(sic) Clinton
5th – Bill Richardson
6th – Mike Gravel

So why all the Edwards love in Hayward?

Scott says: “There’s a strong Edwards contingent in this area, Hayward and San Leandro. … We consider him very strongly supportive of labor … We had a strong labor contingent at the meeting.”

Scott also points out that if only the first-place votes were counted, Kucinich would have won in this crowd. “The members are a very progressive group, and they consider Kucinich to be the most progressive,” Scott said.

We’re not sure if this means that Edwards and Kucinich owe the Demos a visit before Feb. 5. So far, the only local presidential campaign appearance has been from Elizabeth Edwards, the candidate’s wife, who spoke at a children’s hospice center in San Leandro in September.