The numbers don’t lie…or do they?

Finally, the numbers on crime in San Leandro are out.

attarian.jpgPolice Chief Dale Attarian and Capt. Ian Willis spent much of Monday night reporting to the City Council how much crime is really going on in the city.

This is after Councilman Bill Stephens last month called for the Police Department to report back to the council on what crime trends have been occuring in San Leandro, after several brazen robberies and a number of other crimes made some residents very concerned about public safety.

councilstephens125.jpgStephens (who showed up late to the meeting because of other obligations at his job, he said) still wasn’t satisfied. He said he wants to see more data on whether crime has been on the rise or decline over the past several years.

If you ask residents in certain neighborhoods around town, they will also tell you that those figures aren’t totally accurate and that there has been an increase in crime recently.

You can see for yourself on the city’s Web site by checking out the police report.

And check out Sunday’s Daily Review for a more in-depth look at this topic.


  • craig

    Stephens may be onto something or he’s planning on running for mayor. With a recession looming nearer and nearer, crime should go up. So the future might favor the law and order advocates.
    Mke Katz had it right, we need to stengthen our community bonds, people need to have a stronger sense of neighborhood.
    Keep in mind the local tv news is all about crime. A person may have little interest in a political issue in the South Bay living in the San Leandro area but a crime story will keep their attention and their hands off the remote control clicker.
    Oakland’s move toward three local headquarters has merit. E mailing all residents with info about their local police officers might be a way to humanize the connection between the community and the police. Also , pot luck block parties on the weekends (when the weather gets better) might be good for local morale , especially with a member of the local force showing up at the event.
    Mayor Santos is right about not becoming an alarmist. We should ultimate be weary of people benefiting from scare tactics and profiting from fear.
    Stephens seems unusually bored at many city council meetngs. Some one once quipped he should be called “Bill Board Stephens” Maybe crime will be that issue that will get him fired up!