What do you want in the Hayward library?


In a consultant’s survey of more than 1,800 local residents about the Hayward library system, patrons had a lot of different ideas about what they want in their library, from car repair manuals to more yoga sessions to anime and “weekend hot dogs.”

Here’s a selection of the more colorful things you all said:

    I wish you had more Garfield books
    More education DVDs like: “Standard Deviants DVD”
    Get some music CDs!!!!!!
    Farsi novels
    Hayward Public Library rocks!!
    I love you!
    After 3:00 pm this place is a zoo!
    Get rid of “garbage” fiction
    Please do something about these darn teenagers. They are rude and get in your space. No privacy. Otherwise everything ok.
    The library is a wonderful place
    Kids like to steal my bike.
    I wish someone would form a weekly or monthly group devoted to astrology. I also hope the library would have more books on the subject, and also some astrological references like an EPHEMERIS, PLACIDUS TABLE OF HOUSES, etc.
    Manga books, especially “Bleach”
    I feel very insecure or unsafe outside the library because the teenagers who are in the park fight a lot or kiss and hug and I have two young daughters and don’t like to have them see teenagers behaving like that.
    Couches and loveseats.
    It is the first time I have come to the library and I especially like the girls.
    I hate the new library. I loved the old musty smelly ones. Reminds me of a “den” and my imagination soared as a youngster.
    We’re new to the area and the world, one year old. Just starting to use the library.
    Getting too old for all this now. When I was younger they did not have this for me. So I stopped reading books, etc. Sorry!
  • monica ruiz

    Library fountain on Mission Street side needs to be landscaped and operating. Where’s the water? This is embarrassing to have this fountain being ignored and neglected.

    Overdue fines back to ten cents or eliminated.

    Hours of operation need to be increased.

    Programs need to be advertised. Most of the community doesn’t even know what’s going on at the library.

  • The library is a good place and is the ONLY place for teens to hang out around here. I’m 14 and I do not use the coumputers because it is too loud.

    The library fountain shuld be turned back on and the library does have advertizments on KHRT Channel 15.

  • I ment:

    “I don’t use the coumputers in the teen/young adult area”

  • cwbyht

    Why does the staff allow the homeless to monopolize the study corrals, at the main branch? I’ve seen them race for the corrals at opening time, and stay there for the entire day. They leaves bags and clothing in them, and leave the library for long periods of time. No one else can use them..
    The last straw was when I sat down in one, and was cursed at by a frighting looking individual, claiming it was his space!

  • I guess I’d turn the questions back to you: How would you bust a study corral monopoly? If I want to sit in the library reading a novel from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a rainy Saturday, do you force me to move? Do you create time limits for seats? Who monitors the limits? Etc.

  • cwbyht

    I think you could start by posting signs limiting their use to 60 minutes. If you leave, and nobody takes the corral, you could stay for another hour. Library staff, could enforce this, the same way they limit computer time.

  • Thanks cwbyht. Any library staffers want to weigh in on this one?

  • monica ruiz

    Good idea or a librarian could be stationed at that end of the library to oversee the activity.