All together now

It’s not often that the city and the school district actually want to get in each other’s business.

But in the case of the new ninth-grade academy slated to be built for San Leandro High School between Bancroft Avenue and East 14th Street, that’s what has been happening.


And city and school officials seem to be welcoming the prodding. That’s because the design for the new campus is the product of a joint effort between city and the school officials – -a true collaborative effort that will benefit the entire community, they say.

The main benefit here is that because the city wants to invest in designing and building the ninth-grade academy, city officials are asking that facilities such as the gym be made available to the public. That seems like a fair trade, most would agree.

But it also brings up the question: On what else might the city and school district be able to collaborate?

Talks have already begun about the city working with the school district to address the San Leandro High swimming pool, which has fallen into disrepair.

The renovation of Burrell Field also is being discussed as a possible joint-venture.

What are your suggestions?