How the politicos voted

The Daily Review asked local elected officials late last week about which candidate they are voting for in the primary. All chose Democrats. Hayward Councilman Bill Ward did not respond to the inquiry. San Leandrans were not included in the original request (no offense!) but some have since responded (see below).

It will be interesting to see how the presidential preferences of area officials compare with their constituencies, but the Registrar’s office points out we might not have detailed city-by-city breakdowns of voting results for up to 28 days.

Hayward Mayor Mike Sweeney:

“I’ll vote for Senator Obama. He opposed the war from the start. He inspires young people in a way that no other candidate in recent memory has inspired young people to get involved. And I like that he comes from a background as a community organizer. Good community organizers learn to listen well and problem solve.”

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley:

“I’m leaning to Hillary Clinton, because of her experience. I considered (Joe) Biden and (John) Edwards, but wanted to wait until things shook out. Well, now they’ve shaken out.”

Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker:

“Senator Obama. I read his book when I was on vacation last August, and I enjoyed learning who he is and what kind of background he’s from. In terms of foreign relations in this country, I think he would be a real good person to lead us.”

Alameda County Supervisor Gail Steele:

“I’m for Hillary. She really has paid her dues in a lot of ways. I think she does have the ability to work with a lot of people.”

Hayward Councilman Kevin Dowling:

“Well, I voted (by mail) for John Edwards on Monday but he dropped out (Wednesday). Very unhappy about that. … I don’t see a lot of policy differences between the three (Clinton, Edwards and Obama). I am worried about who is tough enough to respond to the Republican attack machine.”

Hayward Councilwoman Barbara Halliday:

“I’m supporting Hillary. … She has more of a record on a lot of the issues I really care about a lot. I think Obama is very inspiring. Unfortunately, the two of them have strong skills in somewhat different areas. It’s too bad you can’t meld them into one candidate.”

Hayward Councilman Olden Henson:

“My initial support was for Joe Biden. I supported him for a couple of reasons. He was very strong on public safety issues. … But he is no longer there, and I think given the surging nature of the Obama campaign, he’s able to just grip young people. … There’s only once in a generation that you get an opportunity for someone like this. … I liken it to the Camelot era of JFK. This guy represents some of that. I just don’t think you can afford to pass this up, for young people’s sake.”

Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk:

“I have already voted for Hillary Clinton, because she is the most experienced candidate and has the best chance of dealing with Congress to pass the agenda that I believe all the major Democratic candidates support.”

Hayward Councilwoman Doris Rodriquez:

“(Clinton is) a very intelligent woman. She’s had a lot of experience. She’s been a very good attorney. … Lots of countries have had women as leaders of their country and I think she’s qualified.”

San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos:

“I believe (Clinton) is best qualified to be president and further I truly feel it is time for a woman President.”

San Leandro Councilman Jim Prola said he was voting for Sen. Barack Obama because he had a better overall approval rating, and he felt Obama could get the troops out of Iraq.

San Leandro Councilman Michael Gregory said he would rather not comment. But he did have these words:

I am planning to attend Rep. Stark’s celebration Tuesday night in Hayward. I am optimistic beyond words!