Pete Stark endorses …

… no one, yet.

The Democratic congressman from Fremont already voted by absentee ballot but is keeping his presidential primary pick secret until after Californians finish voting tonight, according to Capitol Weekly.

Will he reveal his pick at his election night party at Hayward’s Centennial Hall? We might have to wait until tomorrow to find out. The event was listed on the calendar of this month’s member newsletter for the Hayward Demos Democratic Club, but a staffer at Stark’s offices in DC today said it was “private.”

The convention center is a public facility on City Center Drive but regularly hosts private events for a fee (although it still loses about $300,000 a year, according to city finance staff). Amy Johnston, an administrative finance clerk at Hayward City Hall, wouldn’t disclose anything about how much Stark’s party tonight will cost.

“It’s a contract. I can’t disclose any information we have on the contract,” Johnston said. She added, “we are not allowed to host free events here.” But nonprofits, she said, can get discounts.

  • Slight update: “Rep. Stark endorsed Gov. Howard Dean in 2004 and Sen. Bill Bradley in 2000. He has not endorsed in 2008,” his spokesman Yoni Cohen blackberried last night.