For what it’s worth

I don’t know how much this matters now, but the Review ran a story about who our elected officials in the Hayward area voted for in the presidential primary.

The San Leandro City Council members’ responses were not included in that story, but only three responded to our request anyway.

So, here they are their responses:

tsantos.jpgMayor Tony Santos said he voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton because “I believe she is best qualified to be President and further I truly feel it is time for a woman president.”

jprola.jpgCouncilman Jim Prola was the only other official to respond. He said he was voting for Sen. Barack Obama because he had a better overall approval rating, and he felt Obama could get the troops out of Iraq sooner.

mgregory.jpgCouncilman Michael Gregory said he would rather not comment. But he did have these words:

I am planning to attend Rep. Stark’s celebration Tuesday night (Feb. 5) in Hayward. I am optimistic beyond words!