Stark asks constituents: Impeach Bush or no?

Congressman Pete Stark (D-Fremont), who is up for re-election this year, has put a survey up on his Web site asking 13th district constituents (and, presumably, everybody else on the Internet) a variety of questions, such as, “Should Congress impeach President Bush?”

Incidentally, The Daily Review just received a fax from the president expressing his condolences over the death of across-the-Bay Congressman Tom Lantos.

  • craig

    The Republicans were getting tons of money from corporate America during the Clinton impeachment. Clinton’s popularity went way up in the polls but the corporations kept pouring more and more money into their war chests. Democrats are interested in power.The media is also very unlikely to run negative clips of Bush over and over again like they did with Clinton.
    History will be Bush’s punishment, regarded by many as the worst modern president even worse than his father, a family that brought dirty and dishonest campaigning to a new level in our belovd country.