Would you like PFCs with that?

pizza-box.jpgThat french-fry container, pizza box or candy wrapper you use might contain toxic chemicals. Say what?

That’s what San Leandro’s own state Sen. Ellen Corbett thinks, and she is introducing new legislation tomorrow that would ban PFCs in food packaging that are linked in animal tests to cancer or reproductive harm.

According to Corbett, many food products — such as candy wrappers, microwave popcorn and pizza boxes — are coated with perflourinated chemicals (PFCs) that, when heated, leach into the food product and break down into perflourooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perflourooctane sulfate (PFOS), both of which are toxic.

She will hold a press conference tomorrow in Sacramento to introduce the bill, SB 1313, which is sponsored by Environmental Working Group.

“Despite the fact that most consumers believe the packaging surrounding their food is safe, the reality is that certain food packaging contains toxic chemicals that can cause harm to children’s health and the environment,” Corbett said in a press release.


  • craig

    During the styrofoam campaign ,when McDonalds and other compaies boxed their food in styrofoam boxes the industry pr people will say consummers want the convenience. People when they purchase a food item are motivated by the food not the package. Then again the fast food isn’t that great for you either.Maybe a warning label on the side of the box saying; the food and the box it is in are both dangerous to your health.

  • Martin Ricard

    That sounds like a good idea, Craig. Maybe you could pass it along to Corbett’s office for consideration? Her Sacramento office can be reached at 916-651-4010, and her district office can be reached at either 510-577-2310, 510-413-5960 or 408-286-0329. Her Web site is http://dist10.casen.govoffice.com/.

  • craig

    It would be interesting seeing who the fast food CEO’s were.They probably make outrageous salaries while most of their employees make close to minimum wages. They also produce a product that has pushed our population into a health crisis, they also do a number on locally owned eateries with their ability to out advertize non chains.

  • monica ruiz

    Craig, that’s called capitalism. Justwatching, that’s an old rumor and the person he’s speaking of is Paul Frumpkin.