Questions for the candidates

Wednesday is the last day to file papers for the Hayward City Council election, and so far it looks like those voting on June 3 will have nine choices for five open slots.

Here are the seven people running for four 4-year seats:

Linda Bennett
Barbara Halliday (incumbent)
Olden Henson (incumbent)
Marvin Peixoto
Bill Quirk (incumbent)
Rob Simpson
Francisco ZermeƱo

Here are the two people running for one 2-year seat:

Steve Bristow
Anna May

Note: We’ll add names and websites if and as they come. And along with regular coverage, we’ll be asking them all to answer some common questions. Got some important questions? Send them to mattobrien@bayareanewsgroup.com or post them as comments below.

  • Also, this election season’s first debate (actually more of a “candidate forum” and endorsement meeting than a debate) happens this Friday evening and is hosted by the Hayward Demos Democratic Club. The time is 6:30 p.m. and the place is Westminster Hills Church at 27287 Patrick Ave. The club says “all candidates have been invited.”

  • J. W. Kyle

    March 11, 2008

    I’ll take the three incumbents and Marvin Peixto as my choice for the four seats up in their regular order. In the race for the two year seat, Ive choseing Steve Bristow for the two year seat.

    Marvin Peixto has served the City quite well in his role as Chair person of the planning commission. His remarks in support or denial of matters before the Planning Commission have been well reasoned as oppopsed to being ‘off the wall’. Which is to say that he is always ‘on point’ and thus reveals he does his ‘homework’ by reading the materials in support as well as denial of that which is being presented for consideratiohn.

    The fact that he has visited the sites which are to be affected by the various projects, reveals his need to be well prepared. He is not susceptable to “foot in mouth disease.”

    Steve Bristow is not as ‘good looking’ as his opponent.
    Give the man an “A” for his early declaration for the two year seat. He knows what he wants and is willing to make early preparations.

    Steve has already garnered major endorsements for the limited term seat, he will have to run again in two years, a fact he has well considered and for which he is immersing himself in preparation.

    Concerned for local issues such as the undesireable presence of a second power generation plant at an unfortunate location, Steve was outspoken on his opposition as he correctly discerned the potential for diasterous events caused by plumes of heat rising from the intended site. We all must be made aware that the site for that disaterous intrusion upon Hayward zoning regulsation, is directly under the path of elctronic direction finders used by those aircraft approaching the runway at Oakland International Airport.

    The concern for protection of the health of residents downwind of that poorly chosen location has not escaped his attention when in early appearance before the State’s so called panel of experts. Thus did I learn he is outspoken in his concern for aircraft approaching Hayward Airport. He revealed his willing-ness ‘to dig’ for the facts.

    In seeking an interview with Steve. (a long term resident of Hayward), the approach was easy as well as revealing. He had done early analysis by seeking and obtaining the opinions of Hayward based pilots in this matter.

    That is what met my need in this selection and commitment to his candidacy.

  • craig

    Yesterday Bob Mulholland the political director of the California Democratic Party emailed me asking how many people the Hayward Demos and the local elected officials were registering. He said in some counties candidates have pledged as many as 1000 new Democrats? How many will many will the Hayward candidates pledge?

  • TheVoice

    Where can the people of Hayward find out about the other Debates happening, so to form an opinion for the vote that they will cast. The Review ought to mention this to the interested citizens.