Those earthquakes again

The reporter next to me and I were just arguing over whether the shaking of my swivel chair was caused by earthquake or coffee.

I win. It was a 2.9 in Dublin, though maybe the coffee exacerbated the experience. (Update: There were four in a row: 2.9, 2.1, 2.5, 1.4) (Update 2: OK so now as of 4:47 p.m., it says there were 8 in a row but this is my last update)

But nobody will be the winner when the Hayward fault goes bezerk, as one of our science reporters explains today.

  • I just felt an earthquake just a few minutes ago. It was a small one that only lasted about 1 second.

  • Let that be the last one.

  • J. W. Kyle

    March 20, 2008

    Well ain’t that something ??? about a dozen shakes since they began sometime arounsd three P. M. but don’t worry folks! we are quite safe because the board of trustees at HUSD has placed it’s bet on the idea that “the big one” ain’t gonns hsppen.

    That is why the Treeview School Hazard is being ignored by the Trustees and the School Bond Committee is promoting the idea that it’s is Ok to ignore the fact that Treweview School, which sits directly upon the Hayward Fault. That School will not have priority in the proposed plan of expenditures when they garner the %205 million in the first of four such Bond Elections, each at $205 Million, spread out at four year intervals in years 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020.

    The Daily Review ran two stories on the subject of the ‘Big One’. The first was on or about Dec 14, 2007 and the second made it’s appearance on Jan. 21, 2008, two days prior to the meeting at which they voted to go with the Bond #1 election and the faulty expenditure plan.

    Shucks, I did not vote for Proposition 13 back in the 1970’s. I thought the idea was a bad one even though I owned my home and was involved with rental property property investments st the time.

    I did not plan it, but the process of creating an addition to my personal residence delayed the county re-appraisal of my property for tax purposes…. it worked out to my advantage and now I refuse to bang on the counter top at the County Offices demanding my right to pay more; at least until the majority bangs on that same counter top demanding the over turn of Prop 13.

    So now, despite having lived here since 1961, my real proprer6ty tax assessment is based on value detremined to be $44,000. If the bond issue passes,add a mere $25.96 per annum to the property tax revnue for school bond purposes, as my share of the bond expenditures while the poor guys who bought a $1,000,000 home in Hayward hills will be clobbered with a school bond payment of just $600 for the first bond and at least that much for the three successive eloections, assuming that no further inflation of property values occurs. Each successive bond will be re-paid over a 25 year period and that means that beofre the first Bond is retired, (assuning that all four gain voter approval) will total $2,400 per year from year 2020 until year 2033 with a $600 reduction with each passage of 12.5 years until all are paid off in year 2045.

    By Which time Treeview School will be swallowed per the catostrophic quake predicted in the articles of Dec 14, 2007 and Jan 21, 2008.

    So, anyone wanting to buy a home in Hayward, will have a demolished home and a Bond indebtedness hanging over his land upon which he once had his home.

    Worse yet, the lot will not ‘sell’ because of the rather poor attitude of the potential buyer who despises a School District,which neglected to correct The Treeview School problem where children once sat in a quake theatened School sitting directly on the fault line.

    I think Ill vote against the Bond, save myself the $25.96 per annum and do so with the clear conscience derived from my January 23rd oral denunciation of an expenditure plan posed directly to HUSD Trustees at it’s meeting of January 23rd 2008. when I pointed to the copies, which I provided them,of the Review stories appearing last Dec and January.

    Those stories revealed the fact that after the 5.4
    2007,quake occuring on Mt. Hamilton, in year 2997, in San Jose, along the Calaveras fault, new studies revealed the fact that Hayward and Calaveras fault are tied together, They are ihn fact one system and the revised estimate for a major quake along that system
    (Hayward.Calaveras) at magnitude 7.0 or greater. with 45 to 75% chance of occurrence within 30 years.

    GET THAT “Less than 30 years ”

    Why support a plan put forward by negligent trustees who fail recognition of the potential ruination of their own reputation as well as harm to Children at Treeview School ?

    Someone ought make a suggestion to Hayward Chamber of Commerce to guess again about supporting a plan which will ruin it’s own reputation as well as spell disaster for the business climate if Treeview goes down upon attending children.

    Perhaps the Review will question the Trustees a bit closer than it has done recently on this subject.

  • TheVoice

    What will be done about the old City hall across from the library? Shall we retrofit and open for a community purpose?