What the candidates say about themselves

It costs candidates for Hayward City Council more than $1,000 to get their candidate statements printed in the ballot book mailed out to voters, but The HayWord, of course, is running them all gratis. Here are the nine candidate statements (plus photos from Friday’s debate by Mike Lucia) in randomized order:

Age: 54
Occupation: Hayward Councilmember/Businessman
henson.jpgMy education and qualifications are: It has been my privilege to serve the citizens of Hayward on the City Council for the last 14 years. I have worked hard to make city services more responsive to your needs. I have put public safety first. I have worked with our police department to increase our ability to fight crime and provide community policing. I have fought to improve emergency services. I have taken tough positions, like demanding that the audit of our police department be made public, because I believe that taxpayers have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent. I have advocated for environmentally appropriate community-based economic development to generate tax revenues and improve the quality of life in Hayward. I have led the clean up efforts in our neighborhoods. Hayward, like all other cities, will face difficult fiscal choices as we cope with the effects of our weakening state and national economy. You have my pledge to continue to put the interests of all Hayward residents first. I will work hard to honor the trust you have placed in me by serving with honesty, integrity and openness. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you.

Age: 58
Occupation: Incumbent
halliday.jpgMy education and qualifications are: Since my election to City Council four years ago, I have worked hard to improve the quality of life for all Hayward residents. I supported establishing the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force and am working with neighborhood volunteers to remove litter and wipe out graffiti. To improve public safety and reduce crime, I promoted community policing and more police officers on the street. As a member of the Budget and Finance Committee, I worked to increase budget reserves and improve our long-range financial planning. My work on Council committees helped revitalize our downtown and neighborhood commercial centers; Cinema Place, a new 12-screen movie theater with shops and restaurants, will open downtown later this year. I led Council opposition to the East Shore power plant in west Hayward and supported establishing the Sustainability Committee to address issues of environmental quality and global warming. Helping our young people is important to me; I am pleased to have been part of cooperative efforts by the City of Hayward, HARD and HUSD to build two new elementary schools, Burbank and Stonebrae. I would be honored to have your support to continue my Council service.

Occupation: Chairman, Planning Commission
peixoto.jpgMy education and qualifications are: I was born in Hayward. I love this community … but I hate what’s happening to our neighborhoods. I want to be the “Quality of Life” candidate for City Council. As a City Commissioner and Budget Analyst, I know government can do better. I’ve also been President of the Hayward Citizens Advisory Commission and Vice President of the Woodland Estates Community Association. Citizens can change things if they have the power. Absentee landlords, who allow their properties to deteriorate, and those, who use our neighborhoods as dumping grounds, will have to change their ways. We’ll start with tougher code enforcement. I’ll empower the Clean and Green Taskforce to take code violators into Small Claims Court to make them pay what it costs our good citizens to clean up. We can restore downtown by treating it as a neighborhood… a place where people live and shop and eat. A “loop” makes downtown a place to “go through” instead of a place to “go to.” And we need neighborhood police officers. With my Masters Degree in Public Administration (Cal State Hayward) and experience as a Budget Analyst, I can help the City spend money wisely… on what’s best for neighborhoods.

Age: 45
Occupation: Real Estate Broker
simpson.jpgMy education and qualifications are: I will stop the plan to give our beautiful shoreline to Calpine to build a huge fossil fuel fired power facility, poisoning our air, destroying our shoreline and devaluing our community. I offer A Better Way. The Security, wealth and freedom of a green economy with renewable energy produced in Hayward for Hayward, through available incentives. I will stop the plan for a one way loop around downtown making Mission, A Street, Foothill and D street one way, paving over existing businesses, ruining downtown, wasting $39,000,000 and complicating traffic. We need Logical traffic solutions like a Bart station near Kmart, at Harder and Mission down form the University. I have a plan to redevelop the aging government buildings along Winton to create a new Police Department, Library and Central Business District at no cost to the city, creating employment opportunities. Hayward can thrive. We can be safer in our homes and on our streets. Our children can grow, nurtured by a better education. We can revitalize our community. Our City government can listen, be a catalyst for improvement, encourage the values in our city and balance its budget. I have 3 children. I’ve given 30,000 trees to the community.

Occupation: Marriage/Family Therapist
bennett.jpgMy education and qualifications are: A lifelong resident of Hayward, I have volunteered my time to make Hayward a community that we can all call home. I know firsthand and have dealt with the issues affecting our community. I graduated from Hayward city schools, Chabot College, and CSU-Hayward. I’ve served eight years as a Planning Commissioner and currently serve as Chair of the Hayward Library Commission and the county’s San Lorenzo Creek Watershed Task Force. I am proud to have served this community and want to continue my service. We need to work collectively to solve the traffic issue, clean up graffiti, promote our strong businesses community, and protect our open space, shoreline and hills. We must have recreational opportunities for our youth so they can be productive students and citizens, and recreation and programs for our seniors so that they can enjoy their lives. We must promote community policing to keep our streets safe. I truly believe that Hayward is a great place to live, work, and do business, but we must do better as a community to move our city forward. I have the experience and dedication to make a difference.

Age: 62
Occupation: Councilmember/Retired Scientist
quirk.jpgMy education and qualifications are: It has been a privilege serving as your City Council representative since 2004. My background as a 20-year resident, Neighborhood Alert block captain, PTA president, and Friends of the Library president has provided valuable experience needed to fight for quality neighborhoods, good schools and responsive government. I have worked hard for Hayward—advocating for a safe community, clean and graffiti-free neighborhoods, traffic relief solutions, a strong partnership between the City and the schools, expanded library services, and improved neighborhood security though closer cooperation between police and the community. I helped adopt City plans to improve traffic flow, bring a new movie theatre to downtown Hayward, and build a new Burbank Elementary School and park. Citizen input is a cornerstone of my public service efforts. I regularly visit neighborhoods to understand resident concerns. Many individual concerns are common throughout our community. Crime, abandoned vehicles, litter, graffiti, speeding, traffic, gangs, and the quality of our schools are the concerns I hear most from citizens, and they are my top priorities. Contact me at 581-5498 or email me at BillQuirkForHayward@Comcast.net with your ideas. I will return your message within 24 hours. I would appreciate your support on Election Day. Thank you.

Age: 55
Occupation: Business Owner/Educator
zermeno.jpgMy education and qualifications are: We must insure that our city keeps growing at a moderate, controlled, and business-appealing pace. Public safety and services, our local economy, and neighborhoods are my top priorities. Our downtown, both historic and modern, needs further attention, as do our Libraries and our youth. Choosing courageous leadership for Hayward’s future is key. Our leadership must possess a multilingual, multicultural vision, mirroring Hayward’s present and great history. A leader must be educated, versed in technology and art, culturally aware, community oriented, and representing as diverse a background as our city. I am ready to actively participate in leading our city forward. My experience as a business owner, in education, in culture at home and abroad, and in our community qualifies me as that leader for Hayward. As a member of the Hayward City Council, I will be the people’s voice, from the young to the business owner, from the educated to the less fortunate, and from the culturally diverse to the technologically literate. My thirty years as a Hayward resident, as a husband and a father of three, and my varied involvement in our community have prepared me to lead our great city forward. Thank you.

Age: 36
Occupation: Businesswoman
may.jpgMy education and qualifications are: I’m a graduate of Mt. Eden High School. Hayward gave me a great education, down-to-earth values and the opportunity for business success. I’m running for City Council because I want to raise my future family here. Our diverse and great city can offer future generations the same opportunities I was blessed to have. I’ve worked to improve Hayward as Director of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association, as President of the Rotary Club, former owner of the Rickshaw Express restaurant and as a real estate consultant. I’ve worked to fight crime, clean neighborhoods and raise money for youth, senior and neighborhood programs. I work well with people & can speak Spanish & Chinese. Our children must learn in a safe, disciplined and nurturing environment and I will work with our schools to improve academic achievement. I know how to bring diverse and competing interests together to solve problems, meet a payroll and therefore squeeze the most out of precious tax dollars. In these difficult economic times, Hayward requires leadership with sharp skills, experience to cut the fat while maintaining vital community services and who has the guts to stand up for what’s right. I’m grateful for your vote.

Age: 58
Occupation: Retired 911 Dispatcher
bristow.jpgMy education and qualifications are: Many pressing issues face the City of Hayward. As a career public safety professional, parent, volunteer and 27-year resident—now retired with the time and interest to serve—I want to put my experience and skills to work for Hayward. I am qualified for this job. As a 36-year 911 emergency dispatcher I learned firsthand what makes people feel safe or unsafe, how city government works to provide essential services, and how to find solutions when budgets are tight and resources are scarce. I am a good listener, problem solver and consensus builder. I welcome your ideas to improve Hayward. Please contact me at 510-582-9325 or bristow4hayward@comcast.net. I will respond. Government works best when public officials listen. As a city councilmember I will work for solutions to the problems that frustrate many of us—crime, maintaining quality neighborhoods, traffic relief, improving our schools, fixing city streets, etc. My goal is to help achieve a safer, cleaner, greener Hayward. I am proud to be endorsed by Hayward firefighters, police, Labor, civic and business leaders, and hundreds of citizens across our community. I would appreciate your support on Election Day. I’ll work hard to earn, and keep your trust. Thank you.

  • qodrn

    Thank you.

  • craig

    Some organization could develope local campaign finanace reform by creating a website http://www.haywardelections.org .Most candidates support state and national camaign finanace reform , at least in theory. The site could allow candidates to video and upload as much info as they liked.The site could ask a weekly question to all the candidates. The address could be promoted with political signs , email blasts and even robo calls just to boost recognition of the new technological campaign tool.
    A candidate issue blog could also work maybe if it were restricted to candidates.Progressives last week seemed very upset that Chevron used robo calls in Richmond to turn alot of people out for a big hearing on their permit process. Since people get hit with about 3,000 messages a day mostly advertizing, an important 30 second message about a civic issue doen’t seem like too imposing a technique.
    I wonder if the paper or any of the candidates support this concept? The paper could run ads on the site maybe drawing new readers.

  • TheVoice

    What will these candidates do for the youth? What will they do about the homeless? I ask them to respond with their solutions, not a dismissal through words. A straight forward answer and position. They will be our leaders steering us into the future and must obtain vision and passion.