Ganging up

In today’s edition of the Review, we published a follow-up to last week’s brawl at Mt. Eden High in which eight students were arrested.

Police on Tuesday said the incident may have been gang-motivated.

Do you think gangs in our schools are on the rise? I’d like to hear from readers to see if they’ve heard of gang activity increasing on school campuses.

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  • J. W. Kyle

    The LAST time we had such a disturbance at Mt. Eden HS it was reported to be a conflict between two race oriented groups fighting about possession of a basket ball. This time it is reported as a disturbance between 2 gangs.

    Please advise that it was not a race thing…. HUSD does not need this indication of failure on top of the money problem, poor scores, drop out rates and loss of ADA money due to truancy.

    Where are the parents of involved ‘students’ ??? Perhaps assessing the parents to reinmurse all costs will get their attention?

    While a member of the State Assembly, Mayor Sweeney presented and saw passed by both houses of California legislature, a bill which fined parents of those caught, the costs of grafitti removal.

    Perhaps that concept ought be introduced into the public school system when disturbances at schools are so severe that education is disrupteed and services of outside agencies are brought in to aid the schools.

    When unable to control those disturbances, which serve no purpose but do convey widespread knowledge of the fact culprits are tearing down the image of both City and the separate Hayward DIS-UNIFIED SCHOOL Adminis- tration, somebody has ‘to pay the piper’!

    In addition to the direct costs to City, which has budget problems sufficient to cause resentment by most voters,it is only fair to look to the parents of the involved parents. Our local businesses do not need the added worry of , not just the money problem, but the adverse affect of such activity upon those traveling into Hayward fop purchases or other business.

    Recall that it was just a few months ago when some young people, presumably of school age, ran through Southland Mall knocking over inventory and display stands.

    Why let gang related kids dominate our lives?

    It would be interesting to know the facts, (without identifying those involved), of the disposition of the case aginst the culprits and wether or not they drop out, or are suspended. I undrestand that the County Schools are responsible for conducting classroom education at the Juvenile Hall. Will our involved Mt. Rden Students take classes there?

  • Gangs are a problem in Hayward USD schools. There is fights between gangs and some are just wannabes. Even elementary and middle school kids say their in gangs but there not. Last week I seen a few kids from Markham saying they are in a gang. I think their are just saying that just to look cool.

    So I think gangs are on a rise in Hayward Schools and there not on a rise because some are just wannabes.

  • Haystack

    What’s even more frightening is that the Hayward Police Department is so severely understaffed and if you keep up on current events things are only going to get worse. There is talk about eliminating more officer positions and the School Officer Program. It’s my understanding that the incident at Mt Eden was diffused because a school cop rushed to the fight.

    We need more school officers to protect our youth and to administer the gang issues!

  • monica ruiz

    There have been two presentations this year on gangs in Hayward given by the hpd. Contact them for the gang statistics. It’s not a mystery. They have the specifics.