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bayfair-sign.jpgIf you’ve been by Bayfair Center lately — and, hopefully, you have — you might have noticed that the food court is getting a makeover.

That’s exciting news, judging by the fact that for years the food court only had about three restaurants and an awkward layout.

A Madison Marquette executive told me a few months ago that this was going to happen, and that the food court restoration was part of the mall’s larger plan to make over the interior of Bayfair — just like the mall has been redone on the outside.

The new food court vendors haven’t been disclosed yet, but look forward to a fall 2009 reopening.


  • The BayFair Mall food court was empty and only had a Subway, Donutworks, and a mexican restaurant and it was always empty. I was ther 2 weeks ago and it was blocked off by a big wall.

    What happened to the 3 restaurants?

  • Are they ever gonna do something with the second floor of BayFair Mall? It still has the pink, white, and blue floor and macy’s is the only store there. Theres even a sign saying BayFair Mall up there with the old logo instead of saying BAYFAIR center.

  • Martin Ricard


    In response to your first question, I don’t know what happened to the three restaurants that were there before. My assumption is that they will either be replaced with something better or enhanced in some way. As to your second question, I hear that upper management is talking about doing something with the upper floor, perhaps where the old Women’s Macy’s used to be. I don’t know what’s being put up there, but it is pretty bare. So anything would help.

  • monica ruiz

    That’s good news for Bayfair. I was there yesterday and they have the greatest indoor playground for the kids. When is Southland going to get a facelift? and new marquis are in need of makeovers, especially the ones on Winton and Hesperian.

  • Thats good! Thank You

    I was on Yelp.com today and people from outside the 510 say that southland and bayfair malls are ghetto. I think there not ghetto. Just because there alot of security and stuff going on dosn’t mean it ghetto.

    I hope when BayFair Mall’s remodel is comelete pepole will say good things!

    If Southland ever gets a remodel make sure to put a movie theater there beause Cinema Place is gonna get crowded since it will be Hayward’s only movie theater. Southland has not had a movie theater since Southland General Cinemas closed in 1999.

  • Kim Santos

    I’ve always wondered why Southland has so many shoe stores. I think I counted 18 not too long ago.

  • monica ruiz

    Kim now I’m curious about your shoe store observation. Next time I’m at the mall I’ll do a count too. And coincidentally, last week, I did buy a pair of shoes at the mall.

  • TheVoice

    Southland mall:
    What are the decision makers thinking…
    this site has so much potential if only they invest with ROI included. This mall is central shopping for most people in Hayward but has been neglected by the owners in appearance and theme for some time. Ideas, good ideas are a commodity to be garnered and implemented like a diamond requiring a good polishing. Bring back the birds.