Puttin’ on the kicks

PalofoxAs promised by today’s story on a shoe fanatic’s passion turned into a play at Chabot College, here are The 10 Sneaker Commandments by Kevin Palofox:

1. Thou shalt always bring heat!!!!

You always got to have a fly pair of shoes on. You want to be walking down the street breaking necks, meaning people are turning and looking hard at your kicks (shoes).

2. Thou shalt not rock (wear) beaters even if they are vintage.

Even if you have a pair of original Air Jordans 1’s from 1984 — which is cool because they’re classic — they’re more than likely to be beat up because they’re so old. You don’t want to look like you took your shoes from a bum. Really, you want to always be wearing something nice and crispy.

3. Three is the magic number.

One pair to rock, one to store for the future and one to store, lose and later find to rock (wear) 10 years from now.

4. Thou shalt not camp out less than six to 12 hours for a highly anticipated release, or no more than two days.

Beyond that, you really have no hookup or no life. If you don’t put in the time, you’ll most likely lose out in getting the goods, but if you put in too much time — like, say, two days in line — then that’s pretty extreme.

5. Thou shalt not exceed or recede more than one, maybe 1.5 shoe sizes.

You just don’t want to look Continue Reading


Mark your calendar…

The Day of the Teacher is approaching and educators from Castro Valley, Hayward, San Lorenzo, New Haven and Newark Unified School Districts will meet from 3 to 6 p.m. that Wednesday, May 14, at the Five Flags area in Hayward (corner of Jackson, Mission and Foothill) to protest possible cuts imposed by the state.

Teachers are asking you to join the rally to help air your concerns about the state budget and how it relates to public education.


Look, ma! No tailpipe

xebra-sedan-blue_0.jpgI was driving down Sybil Avenue in San Leandro this morning and saw the weirdest thing. Actually, it’s the newest addition to East 14th Street — the ZAP electric car dealership.

I saw the itsy bitsy three-wheeled sedans and trucks in the showroom as I was making a turn, and I couldn’t help but pull over and check them out.

Turns out ZAP (it stands for Zero Air Pollution), which is based in Santa Rosa, has been open in San Leandro for only a few months now. Right now, the dealership is featuring its XEBRA sedan (pictured above) and truck, as well as its Zapino electric scooter and Zappy — which only can be described as a motorized tricycle-thingy for adults.

A salesman told me to call the general manager for a test drive. But being a reporter, I’ll probably decline for the time being so as not to cause a conflict of interest. And just peeking at the little sedan, it looked like my tall frame probably wouldn’t even fit in the front seat anyway. But if one of you pays ZAP a visit, make sure to let me know how your experience was.


The Facebook candidates

Forget the pastors. As candidates at all levels increasingly enter the brave new world of Web 2.0 politics, will they have to rein in all their friends, too?

Take Jason Teramoto, who’s running against first-term incumbent Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi in the Democratic primary on June 3:


After Teramoto put the photo at right on his campaign’s Facebook page, Anna Peng weighed in with this observation:

hmmm… whats up with the wind blowing through ur hair in the middle of no where? lol. appealing to the countryside people eh?

A day later, Clayton Bryan of Berkeley arrived and took it a notch further:

wow dude, thats kind of a hot campaign picture/poster…dare I say it? I think I have a new mancrush…go thomas crown!

And finally there was Mike Bellevue of Spokane, Wash., offering his friend some helpful campaign advice:

Teramoto, congrats. You look like a porn star with the wind plowing through your hair. You should grow your Reno 911 officer Dangle moustache back. It would make you more electable.

Only time will tell if Teramoto, who’s discussed this new interactivity in a KKIQ radio interview, will take the “democratization of the media” to heart by growing a ‘stache before election day.



As further evidence that American Idol is the most important media innovation since the TV dinner, dozens of Kollywood fans and others from Sunnyvale, Fremont and probably a bunch of other places have been furiously auditioning and singing in the shower all month.

And for what? None other than this year’s Galaata Idol, to be held at Hayward’s Chabot College on May 24.


The penguin story heard ’round the world

pierre_the_penguin1.jpgI haven’t been ignoring this on purpose, but a story that ran last week about Pierre, a 25-year-old African penguin at the California Academy of Sciences who recently got a special wetsuit made for him and a new lease on life, has apparently now turned into the story heard ’round the world.

By now, people all the way from the Bay Area to Iran have heard about this penguin’s plight to rejoin his peers at the academy’s penguin tank.

What’s most interesting about this story, though, is the company that created the penguin wetsuit is Oceanic Worldwide, a dive gear supplier based in none other than San Leandro.


Map of the Hayward hopefuls

Does the neighborhood where a City Council member lives impact how the official serves the community at large? This question has come up before — in Hayward, there are no districts so all council members are elected citywide. As our map below shows, certain neighborhoods, such as those in the hills, tend to attract a lot of candidates. Meanwhile, there are no candidates running from the vast and populated area between I-880 and Mission Boulevard.

View Larger Map

View the larger map and click on the blue markers for the web sites and candidate statements of all nine candidates.


Let the debates begin

Two Hayward City Council candidate forums are coming up this Saturday.

One at 10 a.m. at the Linekin building, 22248 Main St. The second at 1 p.m. at the Georgian Manor clubhouse, 1419 Buckingham Way.

Here are seven questions from Prospect Hill residents that Frank Goulart, host of the first forum, circulated to candidates in advance of the event:

1. What will you do to alleviate the deluge of traffic which will cut through our neighborhood because of the mini-loop? Specifically, first, what will you do to prevent cut through traffic from Foothill on Hazel and City Center Dr/Maple Court? And second, what will you do to prevent cut through traffic from Mission on Hotel, Simon and Sunset?

2. During morning commutes and especially in the evening, prostitutes are working Mission Blvd. between A Street and Grove. The streets and alleys fronting this area are often littered with used condoms. I am also concerned that this promotes related crimes such as drug use and theft. What amazes me is that Continue Reading