Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes pushes it to the limit

dean-karnazes_head-shot.JPGDean Karnazes is at it again. The ultramarathon runner from San Francisco, who last year teamed up with San Leandro-based The North Face to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, is now leading another endurance race. And this time, he’s going global.

Karnazes will now attempt to complete the world’s five major desert foot races as part of The North Face Desert Grand Slam, the company announced today.

He has already started, as he is currently running the Atacama Desert in Chile. Throughout the rest of the year, he will run the Gobi Desert in China, Death Valley here in California, the Sahara Desert in Africa, and the desolate, arid plateaus of Antarctica.

I remember when I interviewed him over the telephone last year after he finished running the Endurance 50, he didn’t even pause when he told me he had just run more than 3,000 miles — in 50 days. And he couldn’t wait to get off the phone — not because he wanted the interview to be over, but because he had his running shoes on and couldn’t wait to start running again.

If you want to follow Karnazes as he attempts to set another record, go here. Just be prepared to have your running shoes handy, because his endurance is contagious.


  • monica ruiz

    I did my first and last half marathon five years ago. I applaud Dean’s accomplishments!

  • Dean’s book is great and inspirational. Though Dean’s runs are a bit beyond challenging, running a marathon isn’t as difficult as once perceived. A great training ground is located at Lake Chabot. The scenery is beautiful and the hills will challenge lung capacity. Try the Columbine trail.