On the move

On the local political scene, Castro Valley’s Karla Goodbody has left the employ of Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Fremont, and gone to work as senior congressional aide for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, whose district includes some of the greater Hayward area’s unincorporated communities.

And, if Friday night television isn’t your thing, check out the politicos April 18 at the Hayward Demos Democratic Club’s candidates’ forum. The 7 p.m. meeting will be at Westminster Hills Presbyterian Church, 27287 Patrick Ave., in Hayward.
Candidates on the June 3 primary ballot have been invited.

Invitees include Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, and Jason Teramoto, who’s challenging Hayashi for the 18th Assembly District Democratic nomination.

Hayashi’s husband, Dennis, also is on the guest list, along with Phil Daly, Victoria Kolakowski and Dennis Reid, all of whom are vying for an Alameda County Superior Court judicial seat.

Torrico and Congressman Pete Stark, D-Fremont, both of whom are unopposed in their party’s June primary, also have been asked to speak.

Club members will endorse candidates in the respective races, and also consider Measure I, the $205 million Hayward School District bond measure on the June ballot.


  • J. W. Kyle

    May 13, 2008

    I see a conflict in political activities on April 18th.

    Council candidate Piexoto is having a snack and political conversaton event and now the Hayward Demos, who live to a large exient outside Hayward City Limits, are also inviting Council Candidates. Judging from the long lists of candidates for various city,county and state candidates, it will be a long night at the Presbyterian Church

    The problem with Hayward Demos is that they refuse recognition of the fact that Council electons are intended to be bi-partisan elections; that is the reaseon why City Council Candidates are forbidden the of party affiliation on all ballots includng the sample ballot, the absentee ballot, the ballot handed out at polling booths,when enough are printed and distributed to meet demand.

    It is bad enough to see the ‘demos’ relying on their, by-laws which forbid endorsement of any but democrats but to see them enforcing that by-law on Church premises raises this question, How does that activity within a church affect tax exemptions applicable to church premises? It was bad enough yo cause three staewide elections prior to revocation of ‘ad valorem’ tax bills upon parochial schools, (needed to support public schools per proponetd of the effort to reimpose the tax after the third successdul vote on the subject.)

    If you are not aware, 7th Day Adventists, Lutheran and Episcopal shools were also releived of the tax, not just Catholics.

    I also note the past failure of the ‘demos’ to nominate Bill Ward even once in his lengthy occupancy ( and many election campaigns,,) of a council seat. Nor have I seen many African Americans attending these political nights at The Presbyterian Church on Patrick Avenue.

    I have endorsed two political newcomers to council elecions of which two one is running for the two year seat opening and the other seeks a four year term.Not once did I ask their political party affilation nor do I know of the facts in those two cases! I just think that the two new comers and one Democratic incumbent
    (Bill Quirk) are the best choices for the tasks asked of City Council members. It has nothing to do with party affiliation but more to do with abilities, education, history of volunterism and the avility to effectively communicate a position on the local substantive matters before council which seldom involve bi-partisan thought processes.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Good Grief ! With my eye pressure measurements within bot eyes, my medical doxtor is alarmed and has scheduled additionl test before increasing prescrptions. I notice deficenies most when confronted with type size on these blog comment opportunities. So help me olease.. can you offer larger type size ?

    I ran through the above submisssion twice before hitting the ‘submit’ button but you would not know that after reading my first respond to Karen’s Post,.

  • J. W. Kyle

    My eye dictor lves in Hayward…. If he reveals himself he will suffer additional alarm when he learns of my confusion over the dates….

    Please read April 18th wherever I confused the date of the two political gatherings on the same evening.