Map of the Hayward hopefuls

Does the neighborhood where a City Council member lives impact how the official serves the community at large? This question has come up before — in Hayward, there are no districts so all council members are elected citywide. As our map below shows, certain neighborhoods, such as those in the hills, tend to attract a lot of candidates. Meanwhile, there are no candidates running from the vast and populated area between I-880 and Mission Boulevard.

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View the larger map and click on the blue markers for the web sites and candidate statements of all nine candidates.

  • monica ruiz

    Cool map! Needs to be tweaked just a little bit:)

  • How should we tweak the map? Add photos?

  • J. W. Kyle

    I suggest emlargement with limitation as to zip code identities within the city limits.

    You will then more easily apptreciate the lack of representation in an a very large area, where at present we have one incumbent running for a second term and a ‘wannabee’ who has been twice defeated in his quest and also denied appointment to Matt Jimenez’ seat two years ago.

    Because of a lack of adequate representation in this area described, I claim that we in the west are denied our fair share of the available monies for such items as ‘building code enforcement’. Tightening the belts here is difficult but we do not seem to revceive a fair, proportionate share of ‘coommunity preservation funds’ ( or, effort,) as just one example.

    For instance, I have pointed out violations of the general plan on several occasions, which in effect are unfair to immediate neighbors as well as business men who operate their business from property built for that purpose.

    We have here in the Longwood area, several instances of businesses being operated from residential property, where proprietor parks his business vehicles on typical 34 foot wide streets, and typical lot width is 50 feet, housing with single auto garages on limited setbacks, allofwhich is afflicted with a shortage of parking compounded by the presence of industrial vehicles.

    I’ll bet that the area east of Mission has very few instances of that which I describe above.

    In short, the west side is taking on the appearance of a neglected inner city area with indifferent treatment and attiudes largely due to failure to recognize the need for votes by district.

    We do in a way have a district electoral system. Hayward is divided into two districts, one is called the Mobile Home Park Neighborhood and the other is ‘East of Mission’ The difficulty with that is that a very large segment is excluded from description of any sort except ‘urban coagulum’. ( Merriam Webster’s 10th Edition,page 219)

  • This map says one of the candidates lives down the street from me. That street is Sixth Street.

  • monica ruiz

    My mistake; I didn’t enlarge the map. Pictures would be good addition.

  • monica ruiz

    Now that I’ve studied the map I do have some feelings of resentment. It is curious why so many of the candidates live in the “Hayward hills?” What’s going on with local government to allow this to continue? I think I will put this question to the candidates at tomorrows forum.

  • J. W. Kyle


    If you go to the ‘forum’ at eithrt location on Saturday, take a copy of my contribution, xeros it, and see what the re-action is when all ahve read it.

    It is # 3 on this topic

    Sorry, my wife has a list of honey dews which need attending; I will not be there myself

  • monica ruiz

    Sorry John read your blog to late and the first forum already had prepared questions.

  • Edward Bogue

    I would like to invite everyone to a Candidates Night for Hayward City Council Candidates.
    Sponsored by the Southgate Area Homeowners Association
    May 7th 2008, 7:00pm
    Being held at the Alameda County Flood Control Conference Room, 951 Turner Court. Near the corner of Kay Avenue.
    Everyone is welcome, Plenty of parking available,
    Hope to see you there.

  • J. W. Kyle

    The neat thing about the Southgate candidates night is the fact that the public is able to suggest questions directed to the candidates; so, if Monica is correct about the forum director last Saturday having prepared questions, this South gate thing offers better opportunity for the public to invigorate the night.

    Like asking candidate Simpson just how in blazes he can convince any incumbent, having voted for the Russell City power plant, to reconsdier the vote. Note, it would take a previous advocate on council to turn tail and ask for reconsideration! Would it not ?

    Or, if it is true that Simpson is on ‘the board of directors’ at HAPA, the organization which succeeded in defeating the presence of 238 Bypass, just how his opposition to the loop will reduce the now excessive * and growing) traffic on Mission that influences the decline of auto sales and the loss of taxes whicht now sees Hayward in a morass of budget problems, over and above the affect of State budget problems.

    The need for a City parcel tax will conflict with HUSD’s teachers union for a similar parcel tax as well as the problematic School Bond issue assesments over the four successive bond issue votes (spread out over 12 years) before funding for all re-construction and modernization ‘needs’ are met.