The Facebook candidates

Forget the pastors. As candidates at all levels increasingly enter the brave new world of Web 2.0 politics, will they have to rein in all their friends, too?

Take Jason Teramoto, who’s running against first-term incumbent Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi in the Democratic primary on June 3:


After Teramoto put the photo at right on his campaign’s Facebook page, Anna Peng weighed in with this observation:

hmmm… whats up with the wind blowing through ur hair in the middle of no where? lol. appealing to the countryside people eh?

A day later, Clayton Bryan of Berkeley arrived and took it a notch further:

wow dude, thats kind of a hot campaign picture/poster…dare I say it? I think I have a new mancrush…go thomas crown!

And finally there was Mike Bellevue of Spokane, Wash., offering his friend some helpful campaign advice:

Teramoto, congrats. You look like a porn star with the wind plowing through your hair. You should grow your Reno 911 officer Dangle moustache back. It would make you more electable.

Only time will tell if Teramoto, who’s discussed this new interactivity in a KKIQ radio interview, will take the “democratization of the media” to heart by growing a ‘stache before election day.

  • Matt,

    Now what kind of example would I be setting if I started editing friends (both current and past) comments on my facebook page? If I thought growing my “Berkeley Beard” back would help get the vote out believe me, I’d do it 🙂


    Jason Teramoto