Look, ma! No tailpipe

xebra-sedan-blue_0.jpgI was driving down Sybil Avenue in San Leandro this morning and saw the weirdest thing. Actually, it’s the newest addition to East 14th Street — the ZAP electric car dealership.

I saw the itsy bitsy three-wheeled sedans and trucks in the showroom as I was making a turn, and I couldn’t help but pull over and check them out.

Turns out ZAP (it stands for Zero Air Pollution), which is based in Santa Rosa, has been open in San Leandro for only a few months now. Right now, the dealership is featuring its XEBRA sedan (pictured above) and truck, as well as its Zapino electric scooter and Zappy — which only can be described as a motorized tricycle-thingy for adults.

A salesman told me to call the general manager for a test drive. But being a reporter, I’ll probably decline for the time being so as not to cause a conflict of interest. And just peeking at the little sedan, it looked like my tall frame probably wouldn’t even fit in the front seat anyway. But if one of you pays ZAP a visit, make sure to let me know how your experience was.