Mark your calendar…

The Day of the Teacher is approaching and educators from Castro Valley, Hayward, San Lorenzo, New Haven and Newark Unified School Districts will meet from 3 to 6 p.m. that Wednesday, May 14, at the Five Flags area in Hayward (corner of Jackson, Mission and Foothill) to protest possible cuts imposed by the state.

Teachers are asking you to join the rally to help air your concerns about the state budget and how it relates to public education.


  • J. W. Kyle

    Perhaps, if we work real hard at gathering a crowd, we will see enough potential votes assembled to rescind proposition 13.

    Try also to read Edward Bogue contribution on candidates night at Southgate area on May 18th, Nice place at County buildings located on east end of Turner. Turner is the corner on Hesperian where the signal light is opposite Chabot, adjacent to “Celia’s”
    corner restaurant and the Coffee shop on same corner. Then travel all the way to the nice, well designed building with the well lighted parking area.

    Potential council candidates with ambitions leading to State legislature will present themselves to you and all others desireous of overturning proposition 13.

    The next step would be to prevent future State legislatures from ‘grabbing’ local funding. Institute denial of legislator’s pay and per diem allowance from June 1st until date that balancesd budget is determined.