Love letters

Contract talks appear to be heating up between San Leandro teachers and the school district. Union leaders have sent this letter to staff at Pleasanton Middle School, where school board member Lisa Hague is a history and journalism teacher.


Teachers at PMS took offense to the letter, as outlined in this e-mail:

To the members of the executive board of SLTA,

The teachers at Pleasanton Middle School received a letter from Brian Kennedy of behalf of the SLTA dated April 21, 2008 (copy attached). The letter is slanderous. It is an example of the least professional behavior I have seen in my eight years of teaching.

Ms. Hague is the hardest working educator that I know. She is an outstanding teacher and communicator. She is one of the strongest teacher-advocates that I know. Her manner is professional at all times.

She is well-respected throughout the Pleasanton Unified School District, including teachers, administrators, union members, and non-union members, like myself.

If this is how the teachers in San Leandro are represented, it is apparent why there is an impasse in the negotiations.

Leni Seymon
Algebra Teacher/Math Department Chair
Pleasanton Middle School

Read more in tomorrow’s Daily Review.


  • Piet Bess

    Ms. Seymon seems think the letter is libelous, publishing something both negative and false. Her letter does not, however, refute the statements of the SL Teachers’ Association’s letter. Ms. Hague may be hard working and professional, but there is no libel unless it is true that her actions or inactions have not restricted the SL Teacher’s Association’s 1st Amendment rights.
    Are the allegations of the SL Association’s letter true, or are they not? It is certainly fair to ask anyone to hold anyone accountable.
    Ms. Seymon’s letter amounts to a pressuring tactic. I give it less weight than the SLTA’s letter, which makes factual allegations.