Hayward: Good place to raise kids?

Hayward is the 93rd best place to raise a family, says BestLife magazine, which ranked 257 American cities with more than 100,000 people.

The distinction puts the Heart of the Bay just a hair above Midland, the Texas city that helped rear our nation’s president.

  • monica ruiz

    93rd! That’s depressing news.

  • J. W. Kyle

    How does one find a copy of the indicated magazine which did the ranking and for the love of pete, can we have a peek at the list of cities?

  • John, you can find the list by clicking here. Then, scroll down until you hit Honolulu and beyond.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Why anyone would rate Oakland above Hayward as a good place to raise kids is beyond my ability to read and comprehend this sort of stuff. I’ve been in places, (within the past five yeaars) such as San Diego and Lexington Ky. I see nothing here which inspires any understanding of the so called analysis by “Best Life” authors.