Question 2: Candidates on crime and blight

Here is our second question for the seven candidates running for 4-year seats on the Hayward City Council

What would you do to improve police services and reduce crime and blight in Hayward? Be specific.

LINDA BENNETT: I would work with the police department to evaluate current services and examine where customer complaints are rooted to see what could be changed or added to provide the service our community requires. I would work to find ways to keep patrols on the street and reduce non essential activities that currently burden officers. Community policing is very important.

BARBARA HALLIDAY: I would continue efforts we have begun with our Neighborhood Partnerships Initiative to connect city staff from various departments, including Police, directly with neighborhood residents and to focus efforts on common problems such as hazardous driving, litter, graffiti and crime. We have seen positive results in Fairway Park and Schafer Park and should extend the program throughout the city.

OLDEN HENSON: I want to procure remaining COPPS grant funding to hire more police officers and go back to our community policing program. I want the City Attorney’s office to adopt the civil and criminal injunction program, preventing gang members from gangbanging and recruiting. I would create enterprise zones in A Street, Tennyson, and South Garden areas, creating jobs and opportunity instead of crime.

MARVIN PEIXOTO: A lot of the crime we see in Hayward is connected to the way we look. I propose that we empower the Clean and Green Task Force with enforcement authority to clean up the streets. Second, crack down on landlords who refuse to maintain their buildings. Third, improve police response time. Finally, bring back community policing and reinstitute the gang task force.

BILL QUIRK: We are instituting community policing. There will be area commanders and substations. Each beat officer will be responsible for a small part of a neighborhood. We are adding a crime analyst to help identify and address specific problems in each neighborhood. We are increasing the number of city employees and volunteers who will drive efforts to clean up Hayward.

ROB SIMPSON: Build a new police department with modern equipment and appropriate staffing to effectively serve our community. In addition to enforcement, Acknowledging interconnectivity of all aspects of our society including Education, intervention, recreation, socioeconomic opportunity, mental health, homelessness and addiction. My 100 new businesses plan eliminates blight of vacant buildings. I serve on Hayward’s Clean and Green Task Force. Details www.redwoodrob.com

FRANCISCO ZERMEÑO: While we have grown in population, our police force has not. We must work to have adequate safety personnel numbers, for presence in West Hayward, South Hayward, Mobilehome Parks, and a walking beat Downtown. This increased presence will also help us fight speedsters, crime, noise pollution, donut makers, graffittiers, and other urban ills, in our continuing efforts to clean up city.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Well, here in Longwood School;s service area we have a great opportunity to answer support and perhaps even lead the way to restore the City to something near what we had when I moved my family here in the first quarter of 1961.

    Teakwood Street at that time had many children in households where the head of the house, meaning the basic wage earner, represented white collar professionals and skilled crafftsmane, i.e. blue collar entreprenuers.

    We have our share of foreclosed homes sitting vacant and we also have our share of residential properties where you can find expanded familie ‘doubling up’ The school has near 790 enrolled students but worse than that, the site resident concept established in 1998 was seriously negelected in year 2006 when in it’s wisdom HUSD decided that the resident was to be charged $800 per month in rent despite the fact that the early to mid 1990’s graffitti blitz was costing HUSd a major share of it’s then ‘guessed’ cosyt of around $150,000 per annum since reduced to just $100,000 but flaring up in recent months.

    Sitting on my fanny ain’t gonna get the job done so I’ve rolled up my sleeves, in the figurative sense, since my bony arms ar marked by prescription induced ‘liver spots’ which scare hell out of kids.

    I urge seniors to get off the front porch and do something constructive. I invite all to come to the picnic to see what can easily be done at all of our school sites which activity ought eliminate that $100, 000. ‘guestimate’ for vandalisn costs reputed existing at HUSD. I wondre why the gifure is not accuratrely reported?

    One of the big set backs, not seen by many, is the negative affect HUSD has upon the other administartion when simply using the common name of Hayward.

    You can ni=ot improve the image of either the School District or the City without simultaneous ayttendence to each. They are too intertwined to be separated even if they are separate institutions which by the way do not have congruent boundaries. FDairway Park as an example is largely located in the NEw Haven School District and the School district boundaries extend over the county line into ashland area as wellas the hills separating Hayward from Castro Valley.

    I am endeavoring to re-establish the success story we emjoyed with the first seven io=or eight years of the existence of the sitre resident conceopt here in Hayward. If I succeed, Ill press for such installation in all the other HUSD school sites at which there is a need.

    The recent announcement and the meetring of Wednesday May 28yth, under auspices of Neighborhood Watch at which Lt. Lindblom of HPD exposed the details of the new SMASH campaign is a wlecome addition to the mix of tools by which we can enjoy a consistantly cleaner and more prideful City.

    I hope to see a new site resident established on the Longwood school grounds and introduce that occupant to the copmmunity at a picnic held on the school grounds just after the school reopens for school year 2008 – 2009.

    At that picnic the subject of the $500. reward and re-introduction of the Assemnly Bill crreated by present Mayor Sweeney when serving in the California Assembly a few years back. Michael’s bill, as I recall it, afforded opportunity to levy a fine upon the parents of those youthful graffitti artists caught assualting public buildings. I recall it being something with potential for $10,000 fines. Is that a deterrent sufficeient to make a major contribution to improving our City streetsacapes?

    The way I see it, “we got ‘know’ way to go but up!”