Question 4: Hayward power plants?

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What is your position on the two different power plants proposed for Hayward? What would you do about each of them?

LINDA BENNETT: I oppose the first power plant because Hayward should not bear the burden for the Peninsula. I am concerned about the information citizens were not privy to about the negative effects of the plant. I see the need for energy but believe there are newer technologies less detrimental to our community. I oppose the second power plant because enough is enough.

BARBARA HALLIDAY: I strongly opposed the Eastshore Energy Center and testified against it at hearings in Hayward and Sacramento. With my support, the city has taken legal action to stop the plant. Regarding Calpine, which has been approved by the state, I believe Council should have a full opportunity to review and comment on the environmental impacts that have been identified.

OLDEN HENSON: I returned early from a lobby trip to vote against the Eastshore plant land use plan due to its lack of emissions control, proximity to schools and residential areas and the fact that it is not needed. I supported only the consistency of land use and the eventual contract with Calpine on the Russell City plant. The California Energy Commission has the authority to approve or disapprove, not the city.

MARVIN PEIXOTO: I oppose the building of both plants and support Assemblymember Mary Hayashi’s bill AB 1909 to prevent the building of a second power plant in Hayward. Regarding the Calpine plant, I would support exploring all legal remedies available, both public and private, to ensure that this plant never gets built.

BILL QUIRK: The City Council, myself included unanimously opposes the East Shore Energy Plant because it can be seen from homes and schools. Unfortunately, the final decision will be made by the California Energy Commission and not the City. The Russell City Plant has already been approved by the California Energy Commission and that decision cannot be changed.

ROB SIMPSON: They’d kill people polluting 2,000,000,000 tons annually. I’m helping to stop them. With comprehensive understanding of the health threat, environmental degradation and loss of property value, I’m an active litigant fighting both plants. I personally filed an EPA appeal that has stopped Calpine and the City Council for six months now. I filed an injunction regarding Eastshore. www.redwoodrob.com volunteer 510-909-1800

FRANCISCO ZERMEÑO: Calpine was born out of feared and unwanted blackouts. The peninsula receives the energy, we the dust particles, and the possible airplane problems. The other plant presents the same situation, but on smaller scale. Actually, I believe that they will never be built, at least here in Hayward. I don’t favor either one of them and signed petition against them.