Last question: What the Hayward candidates have done already

And finally, giving them 80 words instead of just 60, we ask the candidates for 4-year seats on the Hayward City Council:

What were your top three community accomplishments in the past four years?

LINDA BENNETT: 1.) As chairperson for the Library Commission I have worked on beginning plans for a new downtown library. 2.) Going with a neighbor and speaking with a business owner that wasn’t keeping up his building and business area. He has since been very good about keeping the building free of graffiti and nuisances. 3.) The third is a tie between being on the Alameda County San Lorenzo Creek Watershed Task Force and collecting signatures on a petition to avoid overdevelopment of Caltrans property.

BARBARA HALLIDAY: 1) Strengthening the ties between the city and neighborhoods by promoting partnerships between staff and neighborhood residents to focus on reducing crime and eliminating blight; 2) promoting new shopping and dining opportunities throughout the city, including new restaurants at Southland, renovation of Bedford Plaza and other centers, and Cinema Place theater and shops that will open soon downtown; 3) completing land acquisition and financing for the new Burbank Elementary School and expanded Cannery Park that will open this fall.

OLDEN HENSON: 1.) Going into the South Garden area, organizing the church and community to the point where a grant was received to provide community services including health services. 2.) Championed the dire need of police personnel in the 2005 budget, which led to full-blown discussion and commitment to provide more police. 3.) Worked to get a hotel and other economic development by way of biotech, retail, and others into Hayward. The hotel, regional retail and other opportunities are in the pipeline.

MARVIN PEIXOTO: As a planning commissioner I voted to shut down a bar located on Grand Street for its numerous violations. I opposed the use permit for the crematorium in the downtown because I thought it was an inappropriate land use and would change the character of adjacent neighborhoods. I voted in favor of the ordinance eliminating further conditional use permits for tattoo parlors downtown.

BILL QUIRK: 1.) Making Citizen input a cornerstone of my public service efforts—responding to calls within 24 hours and solving many problems for residents. My home phone number and email are 581-5498, BillQuirkForHayward@Comcast.net 2.) Actively supporting Michael Sweeney for Mayor—the Council and City are far more responsive to Hayward residents under Mayor Sweeney’s leadership. 3.) Supporting meetings between the City Council and staff with citizens in Fairway Park, Schafer Park, and other neighborhoods—and successfully resolving many of their problems.

ROB SIMPSON: We all share in community accomplishments, particularly those financed by our tax dollars. I’ve taken significant action, dedicating extensive personal resources, demonstrating unrelenting determination and commitment to the community in the following: Stopping the polluting power plants, investing nearly 1000 hours of my personal time and resources. I’ve given away 30,000 trees. 6,000 in the last four years. I’ve planned and sold the most environmentally sensitive, green development in Hayward. Vote Simpson for logic and action to move Hayward forward. Rob@redwoodrob.com

FRANCISCO ZERMEÑO: 1.) Founding and leading the Latino Business Roundtable. I saw a need to reach out to small business owners, seeing them as being the backbone of a strong local economy. 2.) Founding and leading the Chabot Green Team to begin educating our local community about an eco-friendly living style. 3.) Continuing our Cinco de Mayo Festival in City Hall Plaza. People who had never been Downtown were glad to have visited, with their children performing ballet folklorico or playing mariachi music.

  • J. W. Kyle

    The planned exyension of the BART tracks into Warm Sprins and Milpitas area bodes ill for South Hayward Station and the area surrounding within which Hayward has great hopes for redevelopment.

    Currently the residents of Warm Springs and Milpitras areas drive, in large numbers to tyhe Fremont Station Parking area at Civic Way to board the ttrains initiating another run to San Francisco.

    When the Bart System is extended to Warm Springs, the parking lot is cetrtain to offer new commute opportunity to mamny within the city of San Jose. That is where the problem will develop to the point of trouble for Bart patrons at South Hayward Bart Station.

    In the early 1980’s while working for a large bank’s northern California headquarters, I often scheduled full days ‘IN” the office as a device for catsh up on written reports. Those occasions gave opportunity to ride bart ona round trip although the second half ofyten required a ‘reverse direction’ ride to Civic Center station so enable assured seating…. a trick I should have used in the morning also.

    I boarded BART at Hayward Station now identified with City Hall but not labled as such. On most mornings at 6:45 or 7 AM the cars arrivedwith standing room only and the added patrons along the route added to the discomforts. Being over 6 feet tall, ifound myself breathing air fully loaded with odors of garlic and stale or sour wine. As we progressed along the route, a station or two it became impossible to attempt moving away from some indiviual passengers. The air conditioning system was of no help.

    I predict the same difficulty developing at South Hayward at what ever level of density is determined council. It will be intense when Warm Springs Station is opened.

    I make no guess as to the density which meets the requirments for profit-ability and need for open spaces. It will almost certainly impose addiorional vehicular traffic along Mission, past Fairway Park and into Union City.

    With the decline in auto sales and the recent departure of a once highly successful Ford Dealership, we see the unfortunate impact of unrelieved auto traffic along Mission Blvd.

    One can only wonder why HAPA-CATS thought the abandonment of the 238 Bypass was so sorely needed as a means of ‘preserving’ Hayward. Oddly, two of the candidates running for four seats are identified with HAPA-CATS and I find some of their proposed solutions rather inane, especially the idea that BART will spring for the costs of a new “Cal-State Station” at Harder Rd.

    Mr. Zermeno,not identifieable with HAPA Cats but
    certanly not one of the advocates of 238 Bypass, has some difficulty with staying on point, at least he did as I watched hios performaneon TV during some of the episoded involving the South Hayward Station Development pland. For instance, one night his limited questioning of staff involved his concern for safe, meaning ‘protected’ bycycle parking which is a concern of BART Hayward !He followed that up with a concern for installation of ‘art workis’ in open space atres. If he asked more adroitt questions on the point under discussions, I must have missed them.A nice man and I wish him well but he hailed to acquire my voye on the absemntee ballot which I mailed about one hour after I retrieved it from my mail box.

    I am sorry, eeven though I supported ZLinda B. in her first campaign, I could not do so again when after discovery of the fact that she was the plaintiff in a court filing against the indivals supporting the 238 Bypass construction. One of those was the President of Cal- State Hayward and another ws the irrepressable Bea Thornton, a lsdy hard to beat in her desire to ‘do the right thing for Hayward.

    My absentee ballot was marked for the incumbents and Mr, Peixoto. on the question of who should occupy the four year seats. Mr. Steve Schoot won my vote. This man undetrstated his job as a 911 jib dispatcher. He took it to a higher level when he instituted a jogb training program so as to assure that those answering those phone calls resulted in correct dispatch of the correct assistance needed. The man has ‘street moxy’ and should easily display the skills discerned by HPD and Firefighters who endorsed him.

  • J. W. Kyle

    sorry, the above item was a response to “d thing? (Q. # 6 ) Not # 8.)