Question 6: What about that South Hayward thing?

Here we go:

What is your position on the stalled redevelopment plans for the South Hayward BART / Mission Boulevard corridor? What would you do about those plans and proposed development projects there?

LINDA BENNETT: I like the idea of a transit-oriented development but the one that was proposed was entirely too massive for the location. It is my understanding that the city is working on reevaluating these plans to make them more suitable for the area. Many people below the Mission Boulevard area have over the years expressed wanting a view of the hills preserved.

BARBARA HALLIDAY: Plans for development around South Hayward BART have been approved, and several developers have submitted applications or expressed interest. I will look carefully at each project to make sure it protects surrounding uses and makes a positive contribution to the area. I would like to see much-needed retail development built before more housing is approved.

OLDEN HENSON: I support the South Hayward BART Village Plan. It can be revised to include more open space. The plan calls for high-density residential in close proximity to BART station. It would allow transformation of Dixon Street into residential and shops. This plan is the principal reason Joe Montana invested in the old Perry and Key site. With appropriate site review, I would likely support forthcoming projects.

MARVIN PEIXOTO: The South Hayward BART plan is incomplete and neglects many important considerations that were voiced during the public hearings such as the lack of adequate open space and parks. But perhaps more important, there has never been a long term fiscal analysis to determine the huge increase in service demand for the project. Property tax alone won’t do it.

BILL QUIRK: We need to reexamine the corridor plan. I voted against the plan, because of faults in the plan and the failure to include much of the community in the planning. We need to determine what density will allow for walkable neighborhoods and then zone at that density. We also need more park space, and a plan to fund public services.

ROB SIMPSON: There’s great opportunity. Present plans lack imagination emphasizing housing not community. The area needs variety of services and amenities like the Bowling alley, Security and Green development. Politicians listen but they need to actually take some action on what they’re told from the community, not just developers/contributors. I’ll strive to revitalize Hayward for Hayward. Let’s do it together. www.redwoodrob.com

FRANCISCO ZERMEÑO: The Redevelopment of South Hayward BART/Mission needs to be revisited, tweaked, implemented. The idea of transit and pedestrian-oriented housing and retail is excellent. Needed are a grocery store, community center, restaurants. I would like to see a Senior Center, bowling alley, baseball batting cages, skating rink, adequate green space. We shouldn’t create a Mission Boulevard Canyon of tall buildings.