Question 7: “WORST” Hayward decision!

What was the worst decision the Hayward City Council made in the last four years and how would you do things differently?

LINDA BENNETT: This is a difficult question to answer. The city council has had to make a number of difficult decisions in the past four years. I believe my least favorite decision was the Loop in the downtown area. Traffic is a city/regional issue and this does nothing to remedy traffic problems in any affected areas in the rest of the city.

BARBARA HALLIDAY: I opposed the Council decision to approve the Garin Vista housing project on steep slopes above an old quarry in the Hayward Hills. Grading operations, begun last year, resulted in slope failure during the winter rains, and costly repairs are now needed to protect homes downhill from potential damage. I would prohibit housing on unstable land.

OLDEN HENSON: The approval of the mini loop and disallowing the name change of fire station one to the Matt Jimenez Station one while he was alive to enjoy the honor as he wished.

MARVIN PEIXOTO: The loop. This crazy scheme will absolutely destroy the downtown and everything we’ve tried to do to bring new business to our city. The fact that we are using someone else’s money to do it is hardly comforting. Our through traffic problem should be addressed at the 238 connector so that the freeways can be used the way they were intended. Don’t get me started.

BILL QUIRK: Rushing to approve a plan for the South Hayward BART corridor before it was ready. The result was such a bad plan that even City Council members who supported the plan voted against the first proposed project. I wish the other Council members had like me voted to wait until the problems I refer to above were addressed.

ROB SIMPSON: 10/11/2005 unanimously approving the fifth biggest polluter in the Bay Area on city property in 42 minutes without environmental review. Presently claiming irresponsibility for their own actions and impotence. Declaring championship by timidly fighting Eastshore, the direct result of inadvertently opening our zoning and 1/5 the size of the one they approved. Please Elect me and We’ll stop both. www.redwoodrob.com

FRANCISCO ZERMEÑO: Our City Council’s worst decision has been not acting to dispel the perception that we are a city unfriendly to businesses. I keep hearing ‘they haven’t visited our business,’ ‘they took too long,’ and ‘they make it too hard to do business here.’ How much is true? I don’t know. However, we must do our utmost to rid ourselves of this perception.