School bond looks to win, so do Hayward incumbents

Just before 11 p.m., the Measure I school bond in Hayward was winning with 7,819 yes votes, or 71.77 percent of the total. That’s with 115 out of 151 precincts counted. The $205 million school bond needs 55 percent to pass.

The Hayward City Council race was not quite so certain. Four 4-year seats are up for grabs so the top four vote-getters out of seven candidates win. Here are the results with 89 of 120 precincts counted:

Barbara Halliday: 5,531 votes (18.91 percent)
Bill Quirk: 4,764 votes (16.29 percent)
Olden Henson: 4,363 votes (14.92 percent)
Marvin Peixoto: 4,310 votes (14.74 percent)
Francisco Zermeño: 4,292 votes (14.68 percent)
Linda Bennett: 3,940 (13.47 percent)
Rob Simpson: 1,960 (6.70 percent)
Write-in: 86 votes (0.29 percent)

For the 2-year race, which has two candidates, here are the results with 89 of 120 precincts counted:

Anna May: 5,011 votes (58.09 percent)
Steve Bristow: 3,593 votes (41.65 percent)
Write-in: 22 votes (0.26 percent)

  • J. W. Kyle

    I find it odd that Daily Review was unable to print vote tally’s which would have been better had they printed the tally available to Mr. O’Brien per his post seen above.

    Fortunately, I read the SF Chronicle first which reported something near the final tally and reflected, rather closely what Mr. Obrien reported above. Do staff cuts at ANG Newsgroup prevent more accurate data to be printed prior to the press run ?

    Oh well, ANG makes a good fish wrap, at least until the expiration of inflated income from required legal notices for ‘foreclosure events’ continue to befuddle the picture of profitability.

  • Kim Santos

    No, we had a press deadline of 11 p.m., which is not under our control, so we had to go with the most current results at the time. But thanks for the compliments.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Compliments are earned when O’Brien’ post was recorded at 10:56 p.m…… he could have met the deadline, right?

  • J. W. Kyle

    So, let’s get down to the really important information. Did Des Patten, whom I beleieve to be Linda Bennett’s husband, win a seat on the Republican central committe ?

  • John, you seem not to have read my article. The same tally that was in my 10:56 p.m. posting also appeared in my article on the front page of the local section this morning. Since it was such a close race, we prioritized getting the most up-to-date info that we could possibly get into that article. All newspapers must meet deadlines so that they can get the papers printed and out to your doorstep. The numbers I reported were based on 89 of 120 precincts counted. The SF Chronicle tally that you mention was based on an additional 12 precincts counted — something that I don’t believe was available until around midnight or later. Does the bigger newspaper have a bigger staff? Yes, but that has always been the case. What they don’t have are reporters covering Hayward, San Leandro, Castro Valley, the school districts, etc.

  • J. W. Kyle

    Sorry Matt, you are right and I was wrong to ‘zero in’ on you rather than ANG. You article was more correct than the information found on page A 19 of the June 4th edition, where I found and focused on the information in first column of results, about at the fold line, we see publication of the fact that results from just eleven (11) precincts are published.

    Not your fault, just the simple fact that concern for overhead supercedes need for accuracy in the area of ‘page layup’ dept. You had access to information that blew by the page layup guys who should have at least checked the data pertaining to Hayward prior to starting the press run.