Battle of the o’s: Zermeño v. Peixoto

While most sane people slept, the Hayward City Council vote count continued to shift early Wednesday morning, booting Peixoto from an early-count third place ranking down to fifth, further securing Henson’s position (though he’s third by just half a dozen votes) and putting Zermeño back in the running.

With 101 out of 120 precincts counted:

Barbara Halliday: 6,067 votes (18.84%)
Bill Quirk: 5,234 (16.25)
Olden Henson: 4,802 (14.91)
Francisco Zermeño: 4,778 (14.84)
Marvin Peixoto: 4,726 (14.67)
Linda Bennett: 4,335 (13.46)
Rob Simpson: 2,172 (6.74)
Write-in: 92 (0.29)

  • monica ruiz

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