Make the grade

With the school year coming to an end, here’s one last final assignment.

Please take some time to evaluate your school district superintendent’s performance over this past year. To keep it simple, let’s limit the grading scale to satisfactory and unsatisfactory, and explain why.

Also include some highlights, lowlights, and some suggestions for improvement. Be sure to identify yourself as a student, teacher, parent, resident, etc.

Here are the list of area superintendents covered by the Review:

Jim Fitzpatrick, Castro Valley Unified School District
Dale Vigil, Hayward Unified School District
Dennis Byas, San Lorenzo Unified School District
Christine Lim, San Leandro Unified School District


  • falynn

    Christine Lim gets the hopelessly dismal, super-unsatisfactory rating from me. This year San Leandro schools decided to cutback enforcement on residency requirements–after duping voters into voting for Measure A based on the premise that residency requirements would be enforced. Also, in the budget crisis, she had the opportunity to cut administrative overhead by cutting some of the do-nothing positions; instead she kept all the do-nothing jobs and offered our already underpaid San Leandro teachers a paltry 1.5% salary increase that doesn’t even keep up with the rate of inflation. Lim’s only real “accomplishments” have been spinning San Leandro schools’ low API scores, and creating a poster program for gay youth in schools, and lobbying for her own salary increase every chance she gets. At a quarter million per year, she is definitely not worth the price San Leandro is paying her; and our students and schools are paying the price for her extremely poor performance.

  • J. W. Kyle

    A quarter of a million dollars in annual salary?

    What is the enrollment? Divide dalary by enrollment ibto that salary and advise the quotient. Then advise the world !