San Leandrans urged to ‘dump the pump’

If you live in San Leandro, today and tomorrow you are supposed to be leaving your car (or SUV) at home and opting to take public transportation — or, at least, forgoing filling up the tank (you know you don’t want to pay anyway, with gas prices so high).

This is at the urging of the City Council, which has declared June 18 and 19 “Dump the Pump” days.

The declaration falls in line with the city’s (especially the mayor’s) goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and play its part in making the world a better place.

According to the American Public Transportation Association, more than 125 public transportation agencies participate in this event nationwide.

So put a smile on your faces (like the folks in the photo), San Leandro says, and play your part in not supporting the big oil companies (for one day, that is). If not, well, I guess that makes you a chump (only kidding).