Sweet charity, redux

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) on Thursday reported that Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, D-Hayward, is the latest Assembly member this year to have a contribution made, at her request, by the Barona Band of Mission Indians.

Check out the ”behested payments” page on the state’s FPPC Web site.

So far this year, the Lakeside, Calif.-based band has made 17 payments of $5,000 each to charities, government or legislative programs at the “behest” of Assembly members. The payments are not considered campaign contributions or gifts.

The Barona tribe operates the Barona Valley Resort and Casino near San Diego.
The May 12 donation is going to Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in San Leandro, and will be used for reading improvement books.

Behested payments made at the request of state Sen. Don Perata, whose district includes Castro Valley, total $261,495 for the first six months of 2008, according to the FPPC.
But, the year still is young.

In 2007, the FPPC said, donors contributed $71,200 to various groups at Hayashi’s behest. Perata raised $840,000 for a variety of causes.


  • J. W. Kyle


    If anyone cares to folloow the advice, one might drive past the front elevation of Longwood School in Hayward, near the airport. This school was originally built in the early 1950’s and was thus eligible for the limited ‘improvements’ afforded by the Leroy Green money from State of California about 10 to 15 years ago,(1995 (+/-) As I recall from memory, HUSD was to split $38 million amongst 12 to 15 schools.)

    Unfortunately, another ‘CALAMITY’ occurred in HUSD’s planning of those ‘improvments’. It seems that the electrical contractor, whose trade was commonly practiced in Stockton area, responding to a demand caused by the need to spend the money hurriedly,contractor and HUSD failed to recognize that the Alameda County electrical union had a higher need under ‘fair prevailing wage’ laws/agreements. IBEW demanded a higher hourly wage in Alameda County than existed in the San Joaquin Valley.

    When the first pay-checks were handed out to the elctrical workers, THE PROVERBIAL ‘STUFF’ HIT THE FAN and the job came to a complete halt as other craftsmen stayed home in support of IBEW.

    When that problem was resolved, it seems that the planned window replacements were cast aside. Although it is hard for me to understand the ‘how or the why of it’, the cost of new, energy conserving windows would equal the difference in wage scales prevailing in one locale over another. The windows were not replaced since Leroy Green money was fully allocated to other projectsd improvements in HUSD as well as other districts participating in the state’s largesse.

    Now, the money saving use of ‘plastic’ windows, of varying color shades, are most noticable along the front elevation of Longwood School because they are of widely varying color shades and surface texture styles existing between one manufacturer and another.

    Replacements never(repeat ‘NEVER’,) match the previous replacement, the school looks like hell to those passing along Longwood Ave while observing traffic contols and speed limitation in school zones.

    But wait….. HUSD staff and administration added to the blighted appearance when, despite written and verbal requests to avoid repeating a problem previously brought to their attention. HUSD has again,(in June 2008,) permitted School Staff to repeat the practice of ‘storing’ teaching aids (or what ever) and teaching materials, supplies, directly against the cheap plastic of the front elevation.

    Longwood school, a recipent of limited sums under the Leroy Greene ‘largess’ of the state, is not scheduled for demolition under HUSD’s Masterplan but will be ‘modernized’ (whatever that means), sometime after the future successful sales of bonds which hopefully occurs, after the fourth vote, now scheduled for year 2020-AD.

    In year 2020-AD, Longwood’s original building, constructed in early 1950’s (a fact which made it eligible for Leroy Green in the first place,) found it’s size doubled two or three years later.

    Capacity was again increased by introducton of numerous portables in mid 1990’s, so that enrollment in year 2007-2008 was ‘REDUCED’ TO A MERE SEVEN HUNDRED SEVENTY SEVEN (777) STUDENTS, ASSUMING YOU TRUST HUSD (Administration’s) REPORT ON THE MATTER.

    777 students…. So, for those of you who are mesmeriz- ed by modern era slot machines, ain’t it lucky that the school is painted BLUE.

    What is not so lucky for local tax payers and BOND assessment payers, is that the front elvation of Longwood School, with it’s plastic windows and stored materials pressing against the plastic, looks like a West Oakland industrisl property of a long suffering community where many delapitated buildings, construct- ed for another use in a long ago era, now are used for storage.

    When you say: So what? Keep in mind that residential property values are in decline…. does the appearance of the Longwood School reverse that declione in value or does it serve to make the problem worse?

    Consider the recent experience of a recently widowed
    wife of a retired HUSD employee, whose home was recently listed for sale, where the offer was accepted but withdrawn. in 72 hours, the inteneded purchaser offered the rationale that home was within HUSD bound- aries of HUSD. The property is located in Fairview area, which, oddly enough, is to receive very a large share of the recent $205 million bond approval vote.

    One would think that the involoved Realtor would have pointed out the success of the vote…. maybe he did ? Perhaps the perseption is based on test scores and not the buildings!

    Is there a gifted tongue amongst our group of behest seeker type elected representatives, who can scare up the price of some windows? Perhaps the “tribes” would recognize the probaility of historical or even blood relationships between themselves and the ‘latino’ students who compose a large majority of Longwood Students.

  • J. W. Kyle

    A correction to above was inadvertantly sent to comments under another heading. The comment by me idnentified by mention of failihg eyesite at right hand side of the blog’s identification of names submitting thoughts, is germane to this article and not to the article about San Leandtro folks in rebellion against parcel taxres and whatever else bothers folks in San Leandro!

    Perhaps Blog meister can effect a switch?