Zermeño ahead by 144 votes … for now, at least

The numbers of votes counted for the Hayward City Council race have gone up quite a bit since our last post, but the percentages remain largely the same. The difference between fourth and fifth place (which is the difference between being elected and not being elected) is just 144 votes.

Barbara Halliday: 7,263 votes (18.69 percent)
Bill Quirk: 6,226 (16.02)
Olden Henson: 5,840 (15.03)
Francisco Zermeño: 5,803 (14.93)
Marvin Peixoto: 5,659 (14.56)
Linda Bennett: 5,224 (13.44)
Rob Simpson: 2,736 (7.04)
Write-in: 115 (0.30)

Guy Ashley of the county registrar’s office adds:

Our staff is counting vote-by-mail ballots as we speak. We expect to get through the remainder of these ballots today. We will update the results this afternoon, as soon as we can.

The provisional ballots are still being processed. That process will NOT be completed today and most likely will stretch into mid-week next week.


Update on uncounted votes

To summarize: There are lots of them.

Here’s a note sent this afternoon from Guy Ashley, spokesman for the Alameda County Registrar of Voters:

We are counting absentees that were turned in on election day at polling places. Also processing provisionals. Current countywide estimates: about 30,000 absentees and about 6500 provisionals.


Too close to call

Disclaimer: While all precincts have been counted, the tallies are not really “final” in any of the races because there are still thousands of vote-by-mail and provisional ballots throughout the county that have not been counted yet. For a race as close as the Hayward City Council, it really is too close to call right now.


Final tally for Hayward council

Barbara Halliday: 6,749 (18.69 percent)
Bill Quirk: 5,799 (16.06)
Olden Henson: 5,412 (14.99)
Francisco Zermeño: 5,401 (14.96)
Marvin Peixoto: 5,265 (14.58)
Linda Bennett: 4,839 (13.40)
Rob Simpson: 2,540 (7.03)
Write-in: 104 (0.29)


Battle of the o’s: Zermeño v. Peixoto

While most sane people slept, the Hayward City Council vote count continued to shift early Wednesday morning, booting Peixoto from an early-count third place ranking down to fifth, further securing Henson’s position (though he’s third by just half a dozen votes) and putting Zermeño back in the running.

With 101 out of 120 precincts counted:

Barbara Halliday: 6,067 votes (18.84%)
Bill Quirk: 5,234 (16.25)
Olden Henson: 4,802 (14.91)
Francisco Zermeño: 4,778 (14.84)
Marvin Peixoto: 4,726 (14.67)
Linda Bennett: 4,335 (13.46)
Rob Simpson: 2,172 (6.74)
Write-in: 92 (0.29)


School bond looks to win, so do Hayward incumbents

Just before 11 p.m., the Measure I school bond in Hayward was winning with 7,819 yes votes, or 71.77 percent of the total. That’s with 115 out of 151 precincts counted. The $205 million school bond needs 55 percent to pass.

The Hayward City Council race was not quite so certain. Four 4-year seats are up for grabs so the top four vote-getters out of seven candidates win. Here are the results with 89 of 120 precincts counted:

Barbara Halliday: 5,531 votes (18.91 percent)
Bill Quirk: 4,764 votes (16.29 percent)
Olden Henson: 4,363 votes (14.92 percent)
Marvin Peixoto: 4,310 votes (14.74 percent)
Francisco Zermeño: 4,292 votes (14.68 percent)
Linda Bennett: 3,940 (13.47 percent)
Rob Simpson: 1,960 (6.70 percent)
Write-in: 86 votes (0.29 percent)

For the 2-year race, which has two candidates, here are the results with 89 of 120 precincts counted:

Anna May: 5,011 votes (58.09 percent)
Steve Bristow: 3,593 votes (41.65 percent)
Write-in: 22 votes (0.26 percent)