A valid idea after all

Remember when San Leandro Vice Mayor Bill Stephens suggested back in February that governments should reduce the work week from five days to four to reduce global warming? Sounded farfetched, huh?

Well, not anymore, with Utah’s unprecedented move last week to switch to a four-day work week for thousands of government employees.

According to the Associated Press, that means Utah state workers — except for state police officers, prison guards and employees of the courts or Utah’s public universities — will put in 10-hour days Mondays through Thursdays.

But no one seems to mind because of the added benefits to the state budget:

Turning off the lights, the heat and the air conditioning on Fridays in 1,000 of 3,000 government buildings will save about $3 million a year out of a state budget of $11 billion, according to the governor’s spokeswoman, Lisa Roskelley. The state will also save on gasoline used by official vehicles.

Whether Stephens had predicted this would happen is anyone’s guess. But you have to admit: In a Sylvia Browne kind of way, he did call it.