A valid idea after all

Remember when San Leandro Vice Mayor Bill Stephens suggested back in February that governments should reduce the work week from five days to four to reduce global warming? Sounded farfetched, huh?

Well, not anymore, with Utah’s unprecedented move last week to switch to a four-day work week for thousands of government employees.

According to the Associated Press, that means Utah state workers — except for state police officers, prison guards and employees of the courts or Utah’s public universities — will put in 10-hour days Mondays through Thursdays.

But no one seems to mind because of the added benefits to the state budget:

Turning off the lights, the heat and the air conditioning on Fridays in 1,000 of 3,000 government buildings will save about $3 million a year out of a state budget of $11 billion, according to the governor’s spokeswoman, Lisa Roskelley. The state will also save on gasoline used by official vehicles.

Whether Stephens had predicted this would happen is anyone’s guess. But you have to admit: In a Sylvia Browne kind of way, he did call it.


  • J. W. Kyle

    Great idea, now mom and dad might be able to spend a bit more time with their children’s school etc.

    School buses can also be limited since mom and dad are able to substitute with auto on Friday….

    Restaurants will see increase in biz because working mother’s have an additional opportunity to cook fewer meals… collecting fats and oils from restaurants will see increase in bio-diesel etc……

    Day care centers will suffer a bit…. as will gas station employment…. parking garages near gov’t offices will suffer loss of income as will public transpotation…

    Dividend checks to holders of oil or other energy stocks will also suffer…but on the whole gov’t ought climb out of the hole. If the idea catches on, as it should, we won’t need that increase in parcel tax to support a/c transit system aince Oakland and San Francisco have their share of Gov’t offices in both cities.Thus fewer ‘trips’ with the same parcel tax translates to fewer drivers on Friday Holiday schedules etc.

    Let us hope the idea catches on in KALI-FORNEE-YAH… it would solve the State budget problem. Right?

  • falynn

    Stephens is a lazy overpaid school business services administrator, so of course he supports his brethren who suck off the gub’mint tax teet to work less days. This is from a guy who’s wife regularly answers his correspondence as councilman…

  • J. W. Kyle

    One can only wonder if the individual who wrote the aboce is aware that many Police Departments use the four day week as a tool to attract recruits. Furthermore a major hospital in this area uses the same idea….. of course Police buildings and Hospitals are open 24/7 so they do not enjoy the utility savings as found in Utah. It does take autos out of the commute trails.

    So I do not undertsand the argument raised by Falynn Is the name Falynn a nom de plume? Is the commemnt made as an act at sniping at a politician while hiding behind a nom de plume? If so SHAME 111

  • monica ruiz

    What does the J. stand for?
    What does the W. stand for?
    Short answer please.

  • J. W. Kyle

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    sORRY THE ANSWER WAS SO SHORT, BUT as you can see from the time above, it is late and since Iam writing a book, I must retire early so that I can back to writing at 7:30 AM BOY, SOME RETIREMENT ! I never worked this hard at the Bank!