New planner picked for Hayward

Out of what Councilman Bill Quirk called “a field of very qualified candidates,” Elisa Marquez has been chosen to replace Barbara Sacks, who completed her maximum of two full terms on the Planning Commission.

Marquez has a history of public service, serving as chair of the city’s Human Services Commission, as well as the Citizen’s Advisory Council for the Hayward Area Historical Society. She earns her bread money over in Oakland, working for that city as a case manager in their senior services department.

She’s a lifelong south Hayward resident, attended schools here up through the Cal State system, and is also the granddaughter of Ignacio Ramirez, the founder of downtown’s Los Compadres restaurant.

Other appointees include:

Roberto Banke — Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force

Steve Worley — Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board

Liz Morales-Contreras, Sheila Burks, Gary Steinberger, Tom Kersten — Citizen’s Advisory Commission

Julie Lind, Joyce Dobro, Elisa Alarcon, Jossda Yip — Human Services Commission

Monica Shultz — Library Commission

Crystal Porter — Personnel and Affirmative Action Commission

Eric Kurhi

  • http://myspace.com/alexh13 Alex Harmon

    She sounds like someone that knows Hayward and what Hayward needs and what Hayward has.

    Also, What happened to Matt O’Brien?

  • ekurhi

    Matt started a new gig as the regional demographics reporter, out of the Contra Costa Times office in Walnut Creek. You’ll still find his stories in the Review, but he’s no longer covering Hayward or contributing to this blog.


    Any one interested in the upcoming Hayward School Board Elections?
    We need parents with small children who are in tune to what is happening in our schools.

  • ponee007

    I’m interested in the Hayward School Board Election … how does one find out about that???

  • MonicaSchultz

    I know someone who would be perfect. She is my next door neighbor in the Southgate neighborhood and is very involved in the kid’s school, she has 3 small children. I’ll let her know, who should she contact?