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I was looking at the HayWord blog today, and I didn’t see a way to post a new topic. Councilman Bill Quirk suggested that I post the following letter to your blog. He brought it up in City Council but couldn’t get enough votes to take action. I think you will agree that I point out the biggest problem facing Hayward today. And what’s amazing is that this problem is just about invisible to most Hayward residents.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Jeff Syrop

From: Jeff Syrop
Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2008 4:37 PM
To: Mayor Michael Sweeney; Councilman Bill Quirk
Cc: Congressman Pete Stark
Subject: model resolution for Mayor Michael Sweeny and Councilman Bill Quirk

Hello Michael and Bill,

I ask you, would it have been worth it, in 1939 in Nazi Germany, for a local politician to spend all of his political energy fixing roads, improving libraries, and building new schools? Of course not. With foresight, a local politician living under that regime could have seen that within a few years, almost all of Germany would be pulverized by British and American bombs. When the kitchen is on fire, you don’t wash the dishes.

Bill Quirk, you talk down to me as if I were younger than you and as if you were the more knowledgeable man. You, like Pete Stark, claim to be “practical,” and you state that for a locality such as Hayward to deal with national and international concerns is a waste of time. Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.

Nancy Pelosi, when she says “impeachment is off the table,” is not only wrong, but she’s breaking Constitutional law and breaking the oath to protect the Constitution that she swore when she took office. Honestly, when is the last time you read the whole Constitution, including our Bill of Rights? And when did you last read the whole Declaration of Independence? IF we are a nation of laws, then Bush should be arrested today. By the simple letter of the law, he is not only a criminal but THE most dangerous enemy of America. Please keep an open mind about impeaching Bush and Cheney. Even if unsuccessful, impeachment proceedings might tie their hands politically and make it impossible for them to attack Iran.

So I do realize that impeachment is probably impossible, since our Democrats in Congress are complicit in Bush/Cheney’s crimes. However, I think it is insane (literally, like washing the dishes when the kitchen is on fire) to ignore the problem of the Bush/Cheney government. For some reason–brainwashing? denial? mass psychosis–you and all the members of Hayward city government seem unaware that HAYWARD’S BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THE BUSH/CHENEY GOVERNMENT.

What I am asking is that you, as representatives of me and of every sane, patriotic person in Hayward, let Hayward stand up and be counted among the hundreds of towns and cities that have passed impeachment resolutions. Further, I ask that Hayward join the few brave towns, such as Brattleboro, Vermont, that have actually made Bush and Cheney subject to arrest should they set foot in the town! Do you have the guts? Did you read JFK’s “Profiles in Courage” when you were young? (If not, I trust you will buy it and read it now–I consider it required reading in order for you or any political representative to do their job.)

Below are two good links to materials you can use to get started. It’s easy!
How to Get Your Town or City to Indict Bush and Cheney
A Guide to the Impeachment of George W Bush and Richard Cheney

Thanks to both of you. Please share this e-mail with your associates, and from now on, whenever you meet for City Council business or any other public meetings, please don’t fail to discuss the most important problem facing Hayward. Three billion dollars a week of borrowed money being squandered to destroy and subjugate people in Iraq is exactly equivalent to America bleeding to death right before your eyes. Crime, roads, and infrastructure can only get worse in Hayward if a huge piece of the tax taken out of my paycheck continues to go to the Pentagon. Germany was doomed by its people following Hitler. America will be doomed if we continue to follow Bush/Cheney and McCain. This is not some farfetched possibility, it is a fact.

Jeff Syrop


  • tomk

    I agree 100%. The Bush administration has weakened our constitutional republic to an alarming degree and the Congress has virtually allowed them to get away with it. There is no indication that a new administration will restore the Bill of Rights and Constitutional authority or attempt to punish those who broke the law. Many of the ‘enablers’ will be pardoned by the president before he leaves office. This sends a clear signal to future administrations that they will be able to get away with practically any violation of the law.

    If the republic is going to be restored it will now have to begin at the local level – in our cities and towns. This is our last line of defense against tyranny – an executive branch that has clearly over-stepped its authority, mocked Congressional oversight, and has paved a path to overthrow our Constitutional government at some point in the future. Democracy begins and ends at the local level – the level closest to the people who consented to be governed.

    If we fail join other cities and towns in standing up against this threat against liberty today, our republican form of government will soon end. And we will have no one to blame except ourselves for failing to take decisive action. We must send our representatives in Washington a strong message that violations of constitutional law are unacceptable and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. We must re-establish the ideal that this is a Republic of laws and not of men.

    Tom Kersten
    President, Hayward Demos

  • ponee007

    If San Francisco can take a stance on Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigrants, and many other controversial topics, surely Hayward could as well?

  • J. W. Kyle

    I will be mailing a letter to the editor and ask that it be transcribed into the blog as a response to Mr. Syrup. I ask this because a larger type font is needed by my old eyes to say nothing of my need to have spell check available to correct the problems inherrent with lack of good typing skills.

    separate thought……. Is the person hiding behind the nom de plume “Poneeoo7″ interested in running for a position on HUSd Board of Trustees. Perhaps the people of GLOBE will help that individual obtain the info sought about the coming HUSD election.

  • J. W. Kyle

    I disagree with Mr. Syrop’s idea to the effect that the need to impeach Msssrs. Bush and Cheney is hayward’s biggest problem. Considering the fact that mandatory retirement is just around the corner for both of these gentlemen, why spend the energy or incur budget expense required in the impeachment process? especially at this late date!

    The case or opportunity for impeachment presented itself much earlier. If the congress attempted impeachment of President Clinton failed, then why should Mayort Sweeney and Hayward Council take it upon themselves to pursue impeachment of Bush and Cheney?

    The poor performance of those two men,individually and collectively will be the subject of classroom civics lessons that will continue long after their earthly demise. Until that time of their individual demise, they will both be unable to write a best seller about their contributions to ‘public good’.

    The matter of impeachment should have been brought up when “the boys” first involved us with what is essentially perceived, in the Islamic area of influence, as another action by ‘Crusaders’ against

    The opportunity to excise Saddam Hussein was lost when the first President Bush halted the military action 100 days after the first invasion. Now, as I understand it, even some from Kuwait hate us in what has become a no-win religious war.

    HAYWARED’S BIGGEST PROBLEM IS IT’S BUDGET PROBLEM AND THE CONTINUING LOSS OF SALES TAX SUPPORT RESULTING FROM DEPARTURE OF NEW AND USED AUTO DEALERS. Combine that thought with the closure of the levitz store and the probable demise of Mervyn’s, both of which were major tenants at Southland Mall. Synergism suffered!

    The decline of tax income is a very big problem facing Hayward. The potential exists for another huge problem facing the Hayward Unified School District, (HUSD). Unfortunately the school district’s use of the name Hayward.contributes to the problem.

    “Hayward” might eventuate into a larger problem for the City due to HUSD use of the name. HUSD uses the name but does not have jurisdiction over all public schools within the city limits. HUSD has jurisdiction in the unincorporaated areas to the North and East of the City line.

    HUSD received some very welcome news when Standard and poor made a significant adjustment by raising HUSD’s credit ratintg on it’s bonds to level ‘BB’. But that action was related to the condition of the bond market rather than the skill of HUSD Administration. (refer to the Review story published on Thursday July 24th.)

    The problem, not yet publicly discussed, is the potential impairment of the HUSD bond issues planned for years 2012, 2016 and 2020. That impairment may develop if the residential real estate market, presently experiencing serious decline, continues into an even more serious slump.

    Re-payment of school bonds is affected by the continuo=ing reductions in ‘ASSESSED VALUES’ of residential properties. In late April or early May of this year, the Alameda County assesor revealed to the press that his office was besieged by tax payer claims for reduction of assessments originally based upon ZProp 13 concept that assessments are developed not upon wortyh but sales price paid by new owner. When arguiong for reductions, under prope 13, decline or retreat from sales prices of comparable sales can be reduced under prop 13. Arguing that their property values declined sufficiently to merit reduction of ‘ad valorem’ tax base. they wanted the reduction prior to start of tax collections for fiscal year 2007 – 2008. Assessor acknowleged that there was strong rationale for reduction of the base against which assessments are charged.

    Folks who received reduction of ‘ad valorem’ assessments prior to fidcal year 2007 -2008 caused an estimated loss, per the assessor statememnt in April or May, that the revenue loss of $20 million would be experienced within the county.

    Human nature being what it is, I easily imagine that recipients of the first round of reductions in assessments, have bragged to theire neighbors about their success. If the ‘market’ continues to slide, as recent newsprint tabualtions of foreclosures suggest,
    then watch the crowds gather at the assessors office, next year,demanding either a new reduction or are seeking a second reduction in preparation for year 2009 -2010.

    Frankly Mr. Syrop, the biggest problem facing Hayward and other communities across the U.S., is the tax loss involving the separate administrations of City of Hayward and Hayward Unified School Distrit.

    You do write well though. Might I suggest you take uop tyhe cause of changing the name of the school district. Mt. Eden Unified School District sounds good to me.

  • ulno13

    Having grown up in Hayward and lived here for quite some time, I am a strong supporter of President Bush and Vice President Cheney and see no reason for either of them to be impeached.

    On the contrary, impeachment should be on the table for Rep. Pelosi, Sen. Feinstein, and Rep. Stark. All 3 of these officials have undermined the safety of the United States by endangering soldiers fighting against terrorists in Iraq and for the freedom of Americans and Iraqis. In addition, these officials have undermined the economic security of working Americans by preventing the expansion of domestic energy production.