Hayward planning for big-screen party

The Hayward Council Downtown Committee is going into party planner mode for its Monday night meeting, mulling over what kind of fuss should be made when the new downtown movie theater opens this fall.

Cinemark has some ideas for opening night, tentatively scheduled for Friday, Oct. 24.

Idea No. 1: James Bond Night, to tie in with 007′s upcoming “Quantum of Solace,” due in theaters Nov. 7. “The theater could be decorated with Bond posters and props, and ‘look-alike’ James bond impersonators could be used,” says the staff report. Sounds alright, if they all look like this guy…

Idea No. 2: A family-friendly Animation Night, because there’s always something animated on screens these days, and that big something come November will be “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.”

Idea No. 3: A “Hollywood Comes to Hayward” event, focusing on past and present stars with a red carpet entrance and everything but the paparazzi. Well, the Review will probably be there. This would be the “easiest to plan ahead for,” according to Cinemark, because a delay in the opening night would wreak havoc on an attempt to tie in with a movie that’s at second-run screens.

The Grand Opening to the public will be on a Friday. The day after, Cinemark will have a children’s event, with face-painting, balloon artists and that sort of stuff.

Any other ideas for an opening theme out there? We wouldn’t mind seeing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in Hayward again, just for old times’ sake. And you can thank us for not posting a pic of Tim Curry in fishnets.


Eric Kurhi

  • http://myspace.com/alexh13 Alex Harmon

    What about a street party on B Street between Foothill & Main Streets? Something fun and for families would be cool.

  • Hayward339

    Have Cinemark start the celebration now leading up to the opening by holding open-air free movies outside City Hall on the Thursdays whenever there is a B St Street Party. They can sell popcorn, soft drinks and show family-friendly movies such as Toy Story, High School Musical, Looney Tunes, Hairspray, etc. Then they can hold idea #3 on the real opening night and have an eager audience.

  • J. W. Kyle

    An International aspect ought be brought to this activity.

    This theater is centrally located, in a community enjoying the presence of a University and a Community College. More importantly the School District in which this new amenity is located has a high ratio of students, teachers, parents and other folks who use English as a second language.

    HUSD isn’t just just concerned with the Spanish speaking community. There is an incredible array of folks living within an eight to ten mile radius of this new theater who would enjoy foreign movies where English is used in sub-titles….. an incredible teaching tool which can be used in two directions…. those who need to touch base with their cultural roots and those interested in learning languages and about cultures other than English and the US culture.

    One of the causes of envy, anger and violence directed to the U.S. IS THE EXPORT OF FILMS SUGGESTING THAT ALL AMERICANS LIVE IN THE LAP OF LUXURY, FAST AUTOS, UPSCALE HOMES ETC. Turn that process around so that empathy for those with less becomes an avenue for understanding “THE OTHER GUY”

    I would hope that those planning this event do everything they can to remind all of theater management’s oral assurance to Council Members Quirk and Halliday that films produced outside the U.S. which employ languages other than Entglish, will be shown only so long as the patronage supports their import.

    By that encouragement, we ought see new and interesting occupancies in the vacant commerical land uses within ‘down-town’ Hayward. We ought also see University students, many of whom live in other communities well beyond Hayward but who are studying languages other than English either enroll at CSUEB or who bring their companions and dates to Hayward.

    To succeed with this thought about displaying foreign films on our new amenity’s screens, much attention ought be given to the need to widen the attendent publicity on opening day ( why not a week or at least carrying the activity over opening week-end)

    Do it the old Hollywood style, with search lights beamed up in moderate movement, (to avoid conflict with aviation) A good press agent ought be able to assure coverage in area newspapers through out the Bay area and a little bit of TV coverage would not hurt either.

    School kids ought be encouraged by their teachers to attend the foreign language films. Above all, the films in the initial year ought be selected cautiously so that violence or amoral interests are not the reasons for attendence; which attendemce can carry out onto streets after a viewing of such film..

    Frankly, a few foreign born members of our community ought be called in to advise on the type of films which serve the interests of recent immigrants or first generation members of all those communities laying east of the Mediteranian Sea to and including the Philipine Islands and Japan.

    It will certainly be amenity to enjoy when you are able to shop locally after a matinee or enjoy services of nearby restautrants before or after an evenings viewing of first rate movies.