Hesperian onramp near Chabot a no-go for now

 So far, things are going swimmingly over at Hesperian Boulevard near Chabot College, where Caltrans closed the popular onramp to Highway 92 last night.

It’s part of a plan to improve the flow of traffic all the way to the Interstate 880 exchange. This particular step will detour drivers to Tennyson Road or Winton Avenue for more than a month, with an anticipated completion date of Sept. 12

Caltrans spokesman Stephen Williams said today that things are “so far, so good,” and that’s “Music to my ears.”

Our own midmorning recon mission found little to complain about. But come Aug. 20, the Fall semester will start at Chabot College, and that could mean things get considerably hairier.

But Williams was optimistic. “Most folks are familiar with the lay of the land out there… it shouldn’t be that problematic,” he said.

Chabot President Celia Barberena said she hopes students will be aware of the route change before courses begin.

“My hope is that there will be enough notice between now and Aug. 20,” she said. “The first week is always very very busy, while everyone gets situated. But this is helpful that we have a couple of weeks before then.”


Eric Kurhi