Razor-sharp criticism against Corbett

Many of you who have been following the news are well aware of the recent firebombings of animal researchers’ homes and cars in Santa Cruz that have put universities on high alert all over the state.

Those attacks have prompted calls for the state Legislature to revisit a bill introduced back in February that would allow UC officials to withhold names of animal researchers from public documents to prevent activists from harassing them.

The attacks also have elicited razor-sharp criticism from a San Diego Union-Tribune editorial writer, Chris Reed, who has been ripping state Sen. Ellen Corbett, D-San Leandro, all morning in his blog for stalling that bill up in Sacramento.

Apparently, his gripe seems to be with Corbett’s refusal to support the bill and that her opposition to the bill doesn’t coincide with her consumer rights/human rights protection record.

From his blog:

Corbett doesn’t think these researchers deserve the same protection from Internet identification and targeting that she enjoys and that is provided to abortion clinic workers. She is wrong. People could die as a result of her machinations.

What do you think? Is this criticism of Corbett warranted? Is she living up to her political standards? Or is this all just being overblown?