Nat’l Night Out event interrupted by pot smokers

Message to folks who think doing drugs near a whole bunch of police officers is a good idea: It’s not, and you’ll probably get caught for it.

Well, that’s exactly what happened last night in San Leandro at one of the National Night Out events in the Best Manor neighborhood. According to one of our readers, Michael McGuire, an active citizen and member of the newly formed neighborhood group Citizens for a Safer San Leandro, some parents with young kids who had arrived at the event were trying to enjoy their barbecue but were disrupted by a small group of youngsters smoking weed at the entrance of Siempre Verde Park, apparently oblivious to the nearby crowd or the fact that police officers were out in full force.

McGuire said in an e-mail that police then confronted the pot smokers, and eventually they were arrested.

Don’t know the circumstances involving the arrests yet. But McGuire had this thought on the irony of it all:

In fact, the people arrested were right in front of a poster welcoming people to that event — though it neglected to overtly state that police officers, firefighters and probably the mayor were expected to attend. (All of them eventually did attend.)

McGuire also said this incident reflects what seems to be a growing problem in that part of town, especially at Siempre Verde Park, which is near the Oakland border and apparently attracts some unsavory activity.

But I guess having some people arrested for doing drugs at a National Night Out event isn’t that bad. After all, wasn’t that the whole point: to clamp down on crime by having a huge community and police presence? Who would have guessed it would have happened this way, though?