Blowing smoke?


No Smoking

Note to Hayward smokers: Time to start packing a measuring stick with your lighter and Camels.

As reported by Eric Kurhi in today’s Review, public puffing will net you a citation and eventual fine — unless you are 20 feet away from “public areas.”

How the new law will be enforced by police remains, to the say the least, cloudy.

Do you think the new law will deter smokers from lighting up in public?


  • monica ruiz

    I hope the smoking ordinance works because smoking is so bad for every one. I’m tired of all the butts and empty cigarette packs littered all over the sidewalks and streets. It’s disgusting. At the last Thursday night street party I witnessed numerous smokers lighting up with no repercussions. At Buffalo Bills in the patio area, in front of a “no smoking sign” people were still lighting up. We shared the new ordinance with a young lady and she ignored our request to stop smoking. We asked one of the employees to ask her to stop and she still refused.