Stackin’ that Ca$h Flow

Note: Some links feature offensive language.

Here’s a first, for us just “postin” at the Review anyway. Castro Valley is known in the Bay Area hip-hop community as Ca$h Flow.

As for who coined the term, it’s up in the air. But they probably had an influential say in baptizing Hayward with “the ‘Stack” and San Leandro with “the Dro” and “Slandro.”

Urban Dictionary also has some interesting submissions defining Castro Valley, Hayward and San Leandro.

Sorry San Lorenzans. No one has posted a description of your neck of the woods yet.

But I’m sure something will come up soon, ya smell me?


  • I have heard alot of those.

    I never heard about anyone calling Castro Valley “Ca$h Flow”.

    It’s all about the stack!

  • ponee007

    did you check out the definition of san ramon???

  • I read it. The people that made those probaly hate San Ramon. I rarely go there.

    Do you live there?

    It’s still all about the stack (Hayward) the best city in the bay!

  • ponee007

    don’t live in SR …