Costco, 24 Hour Fitness coming to South Hayward

A main South Hayward intersection may soon be a mecca for bulk foods and bulk muscles alike.

Plans are under way to raise a Costco Wholesale Warehouse and a 24 Hour Fitness facility at the intersection of Hesperian and Industrial boulevards.

The City Council’s Commercial Center Improvement Committee liked the sound of both and gave them the go-ahead at its Monday night meeting. Unless there’s an appeal to the Planning Commission or City Council, the Costco could open as early as next summer, the gym next fall.

The facilities would both be brand new. Description of the Costco sounded like it would have all the amenities of the San Leandro store, plus a discount gas filling station. The 24 Hour Fitness would be a deluxe model, packing a full-sized basketball court and 25-meter swimming pool.

Staff estimates the Costco will bring in $1 million to the city annually in tax revenue — no small deal. We’ll have more soon in the Daily Review.

Eric Kurhi

  • Will this effect the Costco on A Street?

  • J. W. Kyle

    great news ! Especialy the availability of gas. Costco once wanted to open gas sales facility at A Street Store…. too bad, hAYWARD TURNED THAT DOWN. we IN THIS HOUSEHOLD made it a practice to tie purchase of household needs to our fuel needs.

    The sale of daily food need is well met at A street store…. fruit and veggies are good as are the dairy products.

    Now, several thousands per year from this household will be spent entirely in Hayward. Sales tax benefit to HAYWARD OUGHT BE WELL APPRECIATED BY ALL!

    Wow! Walmart at Hesperian and Lewelling, together with an “In and OUT” burger outlet will see some traffic increase on Hesperian. ……so, move over Chabot Students!

  • ponee007

    good. now i can keep my tax dollars in hayward as opposed to driving to san ramon costco.
    the A Street faciity will remain open according to the article.