“The baby saved the day!”

Here’s a feel-good story for you, courtesy of Tom Deal.

Deal was taking his daily walk around his Kelly Hill stomping grounds this morning when he came across a neighbor trying to break into his own car, engine running and everything. Yep, he had locked his keys in there, and Deal went to his house to get something that might squeeze through a window and poke the unlock button.

“We had some little shims in the window, and were making some progress, when his wife came out and asked, ‘Is the baby going to be OK?'” said Deal. “Sure enough, there was a baby in the back seat, hard to see because of the tinted windows. At that point I just called AAA and they said they’d be there in 16 minutes or less.”

The cavalry was on its way, but all of a sudden a new savior appeared. It was the baby — liberated from the constraints of the child seat that had been securely fastened only moments before — standing between the front seats of the sedan.

“I said, ‘Push the button! Push the button!'” said Deal, who hoped the 2-year-old would hit the window switch. Deal got nothing but a blank stare.

“That’s when the mother stepped up and said something to her child — I don’t know what — and the baby reached over and unlocked the door,” said Deal. “The baby saved the day!”

There you go, happily ever after!

Eric Kurhi